Lone Star, Superfreighters and Super RoadMasters

by Peter
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The Lone Star ‘Superfreighters’ used the Kings of the Road chassis casting as the tractor of the small range of artic trucks, these came during the Kings of the Road series released in 1983 and finally discontinued in 1986 the one below is numbered 1601 and in the livery of the then popular Roadline parcel carrier (previously the number 1601 was the Kings of the Road farm truck) The 1601 farm truck continued as 1801 in 1982 until 1986.

Lone Star Superfreighters 1

Below is the cab chassis unit by itself, showing the black plastic insert added to the basic, Kings of the Road chassis cab.

Lone Star Superfreighters 3

Another I have is this Lone Star Super Roadmasters, extending crane truck, number 1292.

Lone Star Superfreighters 2

The main difference between the two ranges is Superfreighters are branded box trailers, such as Roadline, Birdseye, Walls ice cream etc, whereas the Super roadmasters includes a crane as above, a tipper, fuel tanker etc, Super Roadmasters were released earlier in 1980, there was 6 Super Roadmasters produced and 6 of the Superfreighters were produced from 1983, probably future liveries were planned but never materialised.

For more on the Kings of the Road range Click here

Chad Valley, Girder and panel building sets

by Peter
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Some time ago I wrote an article on the Triang Arkitex and mentioned back then that I remembered the sets having red girders and I quote “Back in the early sixties when I was a small lad, I remember having a girder building kit, for years it eluded me as to what it was until a few years ago after seeing the Triang Arkitex online, it seemed familiar but in the deep corridors of my memory I thought the girders were red, maybe I was getting mixed up with the Matchbox girder truck, it was 50 years ago I had these.

I was right but had the wrong sets, what I had was the Chad Valley Girder and panel building set No1

Chad Valley1

When I removed the lid over 50 years of time rolled back and there I was six years old again.


The red girders as I remember them and the thin moulded panels, this was it, this is what I had.

Since then I have acquired a second set, The Chad Valley Bridge and road building set.


This was one I never had but made sense to add to the previous set, in time I will post some pictures of it made up but until then leave you with the pictures of these unique and possibly rare construction sets.


These sets were manufactured in the UK by Chad Valley and sold up until the middle 1990s when it was discontinued.

In the UK, Kenner licensed the Girder and Panel brand to the nearly 100 year-old toy company, Chad Valley. The sets were nearly identical.

One history says that Chad Valley were taken over by Palitoys in 1978 and Woolworth’s in 1988, though apparently continuing to use the trademark.

In the US, similar sets were made and sold by Kenner (under various partnerships/owners including Sears and General Mills) and called “Bridge and Turnpike” rather than “Bridge and Roadways.” They have also been discontinued. From 1992-1996 a Canadian company, Irwin, also produced Girder and Panel sets, though they appear to have been mainly the sets to construct buildings and not roads and bridges. They too have now ceased production.

Kenner sets are more often blue coloured girders but are from the same mouldings, the panels do differ but would fit in with the Chad Valley sets.

There is also a new company called Bridge Street Toys which seem to be making the parts again, to check it out Click Here or on the link below.



Lone Star Roadmasters series

by Peter
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Although I have done an article on Roadmasters before, since then many new trucks have been added to the collection.

The article is prompted by the addition of a very rare find,.

Lone Star RM10, Rocket fuel tanker.

Lone Star rocket fuel tanker 1

Released in 1962, as a completely new model road vehicle series by Lone Star.

Lone Star rocket fuel tanker 2

The cab style was already in use for the modern army series from 1957 and obviously adapted for these artic trucks.

Although the trailer casting went on until 1976 as various tanker liveries the cab unit was replaced with another type in 1969 and became 1281 milk tanker and 1291 Esso petrol tanker seen with RM10 below.


Also the milk tanker 1281 below with 1284, LS transport Co

lonestar austintrucks 3

An interesting article by the RM10 Rocket fuel tankers previous owner Ewan can be found here

Also recently acquired is 1285, ‘Inter-City Express Co’ with box trailer.

Lone Star inter-city 1

Produced between 1969 and 1972.

Lone Star inter-city 2

Number 1285 became the open bulk carrier in 1973 until around 1976 when the range was discontinued.

Lone Star Bulk carrier


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The real trucks

I actually have no real truck information on these ones other than it’s an Austin, possibly a ‘Loadstar’ and produced back in 1957, it did continue for quite some years into the 1960′s, if you know more about these trucks then please contact me.


Crescent Toys, Missle launcher

by Peter
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Crescent Toys was a British toy manufacturing company in operation from 1922 to 1980. It manufactured lead figures and animals, die cast metal vehicles, toy guns, and later plastic figures.

Crescent toys mobile rocket launcher number 126, this was produced in army green and also civilian colours red and green with a yellow rocket.

Crescent missile launcher1

The rocket on this example should be white, so not sure whether this has been issued this way or added to the vehicle at a later date.

The yellow rocket would of been part of the civilian truck.

Crescent missile launcher2

The green is a darker army green although have seen these in a brighter army green. possibly Brunswick green with the American white star on the cab doors, therefore assuming this was issued in two types of army green, on close inspection this doesn’t look like it’s been re-painted.

The rocket is plastic with a diecast warhead and possibly designed for loading caps, firing this rocket is certianly dangerous indoors with the heavy metal nose, you couldn’t design toys like that now-a-days.

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The real truck

The Diamond T Motor Car Company was founded in Chicago in 1905 by C. A. Tilt. Reportedly, the company name was created when Tilt’s shoe-making father fashioned a logo featuring a big “T” (for Tilt, of course) framed by a diamond, which signified high quality.


Real truck text and picture from Wikipedia