Atlas Editions, Dinky Mini traveller, review

by Peter
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Today, my first sample of the new Atlas Editions, Dinky range has arrived and what a model.

It comes with it’s own reproduction box and certificate of authenticity that this is an original replica of the much older Dinky Mini.


I have never seen an original Dinky mini in this condition , let alone owned one but Atlas have done a remarkable job even down to the tin plate base plate and wheels and tyres that echo the style and finish of the original car.


The painting and detail is superb and can’t be faulted and even the colour of the plastic yellow interior look right for the period this would of been available from Dinky toys.


I’ve restored original Dinky toys and owned quite a few over the years but even though these are not original as such is the nearest you may ever get to owning a series that faithfully reproduces all the finer detail you would of expected from the Dinky brand of the day and in brilliant mint condition.


The Dinky brand is owned by Mattel and this range is  made for Atlas Editions by Norev.

I will certainly be looking at more of these models in the near future.

To get your own Dinky Mini Traveller and start your collection, visit the Atlas Editions website below.

Atlas Edition Dinky Mini Traveller

I’ve seen these going for £20.00 upwards on Ebay, although I can’t fathom why when you can go directly to the Atlas website and get this wonderful model for just £1.99

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