Buddy L, Coca Cola truck

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Buddy “L” toys were originally manufactured by the Moline Pressed Steel Company, started by Fred A. Lundahl in 1910. The company originally manufactured automobile fenders and other stamped auto body parts for the automobile industry.

Buddy L made such products as toy cars, dump trucks, delivery vans, fire engines, construction equipment, and trains. Fred Lundahl used to manufacture for International Harvester trucks. He started by making a toy dump truck out of steel scraps for his son Buddy. Soon after, he started selling Buddy L “toys for boys”, made of pressed steel.

Above info from Wikipedia

Buddy L 1979 Coca-Cola Delivery Truck



Complete with plastic lid and bottle crates, scales at about 1:24.

Something you don’t see on many pressed steel toys is the opening bonnet with a detailed engine.

A comparision with the Tonka Pepsi bottle truck below



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