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Brentwood toy fair Essex


I started this blog and website back in April 2011, and this week marks 6 years online, on that basis this week a special post on my diverse  collection and items I bought this week at the Brentwood toy fair.

I nearly missed the toy fair, it was only that one of my contacts on Facebook mentioned he had a stall there today that I went.

I always tend to browse a lot before I buy but sometimes things just jump out and say “buy me” and more often than not I do.

The first few models are upgrades to existing parts of the collection.

This is the Matchbox greyhound bus number 66, I have two with amber glass, Superfast and regular wheels but the clear glass version is harder to find.


This replaces a previous model with hand painted sides.


Next is the Matchbox Bedford Duple coach, number 21a, the smaller of the two types


This is in lovely condition against my previous version.


Next is the Matchbox Diamond T prime mover number 15a and trailer 16a from the same stall and made in the 1950′s, never had one of these so a new addition to the Matchbox series 1 collection.

Matchbox 15a

Again in lovely condition.

Still at the same stall and couple of older Triang railway wagons caught my eye, these are ones I am collecting to make up a rake for one train, these now make 5 and at £4 each how could I say no, both are different coloured wagons and the grey of the containers is also different, the maroon one being of Triang origin and the brown one possibly later Hornby and much harder to find.

Triang 3 container

On another stall and still on the subject of model railways I found this re-painted Fleischmann crane with a crocodile well wagon in the same GW grey, although origin is unknown.

Crane and crocidile

The re-paint is well done but don’t like the shiny black roof so may have to matt that down, also a jib support on the wagon may have to be built.

On another stall I was browsing, I came across these Corgi trackside Scammell Scarabs, 4 to be precise so bought them all, do love a Scarab.

Trackside Scarabs

On another stall this Mercedes fire truck got my attention, made by Majorette, I have a few of this type of truck but not the fire truck and at just £2 had to add it to my collection.

Majorette Mercedes

While browsing this stall something else caught my eye, this I had never seen before, made in Italy by a diecast company called Mercury, a little Fiat 500  about Matchbox size, from what I can find out these went bust in the 70′s and made this smaller one and also a 1:43 version with opening features, cost me £30 but have since seen these selling for 3 times as much so feel I got  bargain.

Mercury Fiat

Another stall, another addition, this mixer was made by DCMT ( Later became Lonestar) and nice to find complete and in good condition.

DCMT mixer

Finally a random purchase, 6 small daleks seen here in one of the 1:76 scale Scarabs, these will end up painted on a diorama of even a cameo on the model railway.

Daleks x6


Kovap, pressed steel, Volkswagen T2 vehicles

by Peter
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This is a make of toy I had never heard of before buying this one and is made in  the Czech Republic.

These are scaled at 1:43 and is actually a very nice example.


This ambulance is numbered 0613.


A second model I have is 0611 T2 pick-up.

Kovap T2 pickup

As can be seen from the picture below there are a few to collect.


The real vehicle

The Volkswagen Type 2, known officially (depending on body type) as the Transporter, Kombi or Microbus, or, informally, as the Bus (US) or Camper (UK), is a cabover panel van introduced in 1950 by the German automaker Volkswagen as its second car model. Following – and initially deriving from Volkswagen’s first model, the Type 1 (Beetle) – it was given the factory designation Type 2.


Real vehicle text and picture from Wikipedia

For more information on the T2 Click Here

Dinky NSU Ro80

by Peter
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I had one of these over 45 years ago and now again this lovely model graces my collection.


This is Dinky number 176 and produced between 1969 and 1974, I must of had one of the first releases back as a kid, what I loved about it then as I do now is the operational lights, back and front work by pushing down on the body either at the rear or the front to operate the lights, this one still works as it should.



This was also available in green although I have never seen one.

The real car

The NSU Ro 80 is a four-door, front-engine sedan manufactured and marketed by the West German firm NSU from 1967 until 1977.

Noted for innovative, aerodynamic styling by Claus Luthe and a technologically advanced powertrain, the Ro 80 featured a 84 kW (113 bhp), 995 cc twin-rotor Wankel engine driving the front wheels through a semi-automatic transmission with an innovative vacuum system.

The Ro 80 was voted Car of the Year for 1968 and 37,398 units were manufactured over a ten-year production run, all in a single generation.

Real car text and picture from Wikipedia



Corgi, Buick Riviera

by Peter
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Over the years, and my original intention when I started collecting again was to re-instate my models and toys of my childhood, somewhere along the line I got sidetracked and now have hundreds I never had as a youngster.

That said every now and then something will come up I remember having as a kid.

The Corgi Buick Riviera in dark blue was one of the larger cars I had back then.

Corgi Buick1

Corgi produced this car from 1964 right up to 1968, and lasted longer than the production of the real ‘first generation’ car.

Corgi numbered this 245.

Corgi Buick2

Available colours were pale blue, gold and metallic blue.

Corgi Buick3

I don’t remember the huge tow hook on my one from years ago but as I can’t find any reference to there being two different issues, will have to assume it did have a tow bar.

In 1962, Corgi introduced a feature known as Trans-O-Lite head lights and tail lights on selected models. Bright ambient light was piped through a molded transparent plastic square on the dashboard to light up the head lights and tail lights which were part of a one-piece clear plastic molding. The basic light-pipe principle is used in fibre optics today.

Corgi Buick4

The real car

The 1963 Buick was known as the first generation and was produced from 1963 until only 1965

1963 Buick

1963 Buick Riviera

In 1965 the Riviera became the GS and a changed front end, the picture below I shot at a local UK car show in Essex

1965 Buick

For more on the real car, see Wikipedia Here