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AC Shelby Cobra

by Peter
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The Cobra was released back in 2001 and still in production and have at least 9 colour variations.

The wheels have changed three times the last time was when production moved from China to Thailand in 2006.

My version below is the later 2010 edition in polished bare metal.


Model details

1965 AC  Cobra

Make, Matchbox/Mattel

No, MB5

Colour, polished metal, blue flash

Year of realease, 2010

Country of origin, Thailand

The real car

It wasn’t until 1961, when Carroll Shelby entered into negotiations with AC Cars with the backing of The Ford Motor Company, that big changes started happening with AC’s four wheeled models. It was the proposed installation of a large Ford V8 engine in the current lightweight AC Ace that resulted in the AC Cobra; arguably one of the fastest and most brutal sports cars ever produced.

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