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Corgi, Buick Riviera

by Peter
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Over the years, and my original intention when I started collecting again was to re-instate my models and toys of my childhood, somewhere along the line I got sidetracked and now have hundreds I never had as a youngster.

That said every now and then something will come up I remember having as a kid.

The Corgi Buick Riviera in dark blue was one of the larger cars I had back then.

Corgi Buick1

Corgi produced this car from 1964 right up to 1968, and lasted longer than the production of the real ‘first generation’ car.

Corgi numbered this 245.

Corgi Buick2

Available colours were pale blue, gold and metallic blue.

Corgi Buick3

I don’t remember the huge tow hook on my one from years ago but as I can’t find any reference to there being two different issues, will have to assume it did have a tow bar.

In 1962, Corgi introduced a feature known as Trans-O-Lite head lights and tail lights on selected models. Bright ambient light was piped through a molded transparent plastic square on the dashboard to light up the head lights and tail lights which were part of a one-piece clear plastic molding. The basic light-pipe principle is used in fibre optics today.

Corgi Buick4

The real car

The 1963 Buick was known as the first generation and was produced from 1963 until only 1965

1963 Buick

1963 Buick Riviera

In 1965 the Riviera became the GS and a changed front end, the picture below I shot at a local UK car show in Essex

1965 Buick

For more on the real car, see Wikipedia Here