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Corgi Rockets, Ole Macdonalds hot rod truck

by Peter
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Today we look at another of the small Corgi Rockets range from the early 1970′s this mad little hot rod stake truck was called Ole Macdonalds truck and was numbered 931, as with all ‘Rockets’ the production run was very short and released in 1970 and withdrawn a year later.

This was, I believe also made as a standard Corgi Juniors for a while and also released mainly in red but yellow has been seen, the Corgi Juniors version was numbered as 78.

Corgi Rockets were short lived and had a unique removable chassis by using a key.

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OK, a bit more subdued but still a nice truck

Custom, Dinky Hudson

by Peter
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One of my latest creations, converting a Dinky Hudson to this sleek led sled.

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The real car

The 1949 Hudson Commodore which my model is based on, was one of the largest Hudson’s made there was also a two door version, a convertable and a coupe.

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Matchbox Tanzara

by Peter
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Matchbox made many vehicles that had no inspiration from the real car world although no doubt the ideas came from someone, the Matchbox Tanzara is one such car, it has been said that it reminds people of the Triumph TR7 or the TVR Tasmin but I doubt these were the inspiration behind it.


The two cars above are the same except for the glass colour the more common being the green, the amber is harder to find and was a later addition, the flip up engine cover shows a detailed chrome V8 engine which is part of the seat casting so the seats are also chrome.

The Matchbox Tanzara is number 53 in the 1-75 range dating from between 1972-1977 and was available in white around 1975 with amber glass and the addition of a bonnet and roof decal with the number ’53′ within it, and promoted as Matchbox’s ‘Streaker’ range.


It was later re-numbered 51 and called midnight magic and cames in black and silver with clear glass, this one was made in Hong Kong.


The casting later became one used for the Bulgarian market and made in many colours and variations, even later the Chinese versions were released with blacked out windows and no opening engine cover, no doubt to save on production costs.

My collection of Tanzara’s would not be complete without my custom Tanzara Pickup made from a damaged Tanzara, extended and pickup bed added and finished in a fantastic yellow colour.



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