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Matchbox, Duesenburg, Model J

by Peter
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Today we are going to delve into the Matchbox Yesteryear range and in Particular the later range 1930 Duesenburg Model J, numbered Y4 and released around 1975, this is the fourth model to be released under the Y4 number and is more commonly Numbered Y4-4, this has been released in many colours during it’s production, some rare.

Some no where near rare including this fantastic green example, which came boxed and cost me less than the price of a loaf of bread.

The quality and detail of the later Matchbox Yesteryear to me are far better but I don’t have many, in fact it’s 10 months since I did an article on Yesteryears.

The real car

In February 1928 the Model J designation was born. The newly revived Duesenberg company set about to produce the Model J, which debuted for the first time on December 1 at the New York Car Show of 1928. In Europe, it was launched at the “Salon de l’automobile de Paris” of 1929.

The straight eight model J motor was based on the company’s successful racing engines of the 1920s and though designed by Duesenberg they were manufactured by Lycoming.

The bodyworks for the Duesenbergs came from both the U.S. and Europe, and the finished cars were some of the largest, grandest, most beautiful, and most elegant cars ever created.

The Duesenberg quickly became one of the most popular luxury cars as well as a status symbol in the United States and Europe, driven by the nobility, rich and famous, among them Clark Gable, Gary Cooper.

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