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Brentwood toy fair Essex


I started this blog and website back in April 2011, and this week marks 6 years online, on that basis this week a special post on my diverse  collection and items I bought this week at the Brentwood toy fair.

I nearly missed the toy fair, it was only that one of my contacts on Facebook mentioned he had a stall there today that I went.

I always tend to browse a lot before I buy but sometimes things just jump out and say “buy me” and more often than not I do.

The first few models are upgrades to existing parts of the collection.

This is the Matchbox greyhound bus number 66, I have two with amber glass, Superfast and regular wheels but the clear glass version is harder to find.


This replaces a previous model with hand painted sides.


Next is the Matchbox Bedford Duple coach, number 21a, the smaller of the two types


This is in lovely condition against my previous version.


Next is the Matchbox Diamond T prime mover number 15a and trailer 16a from the same stall and made in the 1950′s, never had one of these so a new addition to the Matchbox series 1 collection.

Matchbox 15a

Again in lovely condition.

Still at the same stall and couple of older Triang railway wagons caught my eye, these are ones I am collecting to make up a rake for one train, these now make 5 and at £4 each how could I say no, both are different coloured wagons and the grey of the containers is also different, the maroon one being of Triang origin and the brown one possibly later Hornby and much harder to find.

Triang 3 container

On another stall and still on the subject of model railways I found this re-painted Fleischmann crane with a crocodile well wagon in the same GW grey, although origin is unknown.

Crane and crocidile

The re-paint is well done but don’t like the shiny black roof so may have to matt that down, also a jib support on the wagon may have to be built.

On another stall I was browsing, I came across these Corgi trackside Scammell Scarabs, 4 to be precise so bought them all, do love a Scarab.

Trackside Scarabs

On another stall this Mercedes fire truck got my attention, made by Majorette, I have a few of this type of truck but not the fire truck and at just £2 had to add it to my collection.

Majorette Mercedes

While browsing this stall something else caught my eye, this I had never seen before, made in Italy by a diecast company called Mercury, a little Fiat 500  about Matchbox size, from what I can find out these went bust in the 70′s and made this smaller one and also a 1:43 version with opening features, cost me £30 but have since seen these selling for 3 times as much so feel I got  bargain.

Mercury Fiat

Another stall, another addition, this mixer was made by DCMT ( Later became Lonestar) and nice to find complete and in good condition.

DCMT mixer

Finally a random purchase, 6 small daleks seen here in one of the 1:76 scale Scarabs, these will end up painted on a diorama of even a cameo on the model railway.

Daleks x6


Brumm, Fiat 508C Berlina 1100

by Peter
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Brumm is a diecast collectible model company that makes cars.

It is based in Oltrona di San Mamette, southwest of Lake Como, Italy, and about 25 miles northwest of Milan.

Models are almost exclusively produced in 1:43 scale.

This is my first Brumm diecast and is the Fiat 508C Berlina 1100 in 1:43 scale.

Although it came boxed and in it’s original hard plastic display case, it had been opened so was easy to remove for the second picture in this article, there does seem to be something missing on the front of the roof, possibly a roof aerial but more likely a cab triangle, I did pick it up quite cheaply for a Brumm model,

Overall a nice model, although the paint finish could of been better.

For the official Brumm website Click Here

The real Fiat 508c

The Fiat 1100 was first introduced in 1937 as an updated version of the 508 “Balilla” (its real name was the 508C) with a look similar to the 1936 Fiat 500 “Topolino” and the larger 1500, with the typical late-thirties heart-shaped front grille, with styling by the emerging designer Dante Giacosa. It was powered by a 1,089 cc four-cylinder overhead-valve engine. Drive was to the rear wheels through a four-speed gearbox, and for the period, its comfort, handling, and performance were prodigious, making it “the only people’s car that was also a driver’s car”.

Majorette Fiat 127

by Peter
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This little Fiat is a recent win on Ebay, when I first saw it, it made me smile, mainly because it had the dog facing out of the side window the same as the Matchbox MG 1100 did.

This Majorette Fiat 127 is numbered  203 and produced between 1972 and 1978, colours include the green below, red, pink and yellow, also have seen at least two wheel types on this model.

This model is complete but seen better days and may well end up restored and as always I will be looking out for the other colours.

The real car

The Fiat 127 is a supermini produced by the Italian automaker Fiat between 1971 and 1983. It was introduced in 1971 as the replacement for the Fiat 850. Production of the 127 in Italy ended in 1983 following the introduction of its replacement, the Fiat Uno.

Initially only available as a two-door saloon when launched in April 1971, a three-door hatchback, using an identical body profile but with a full-depth rear door and folding rear seat, was launched the following year.

For more on the Fiat 127 range Click Here

Matchbox, Fiat 1500

by Peter
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The Matchbox version of the Fiat 1500 shows the family saloon with a fully loaded luggage rack and was mainly available in turquoise blue, I have seen a greener colour and may well be a colour variation but not 100% convinced and could be just a bad picture image, that said I do know it was available in red although a rare one to find

It must of been a popular car Matchbox wise, as it seems that nearly every job lot I buy, this ends up being one of six different models I know will be in it.

My one above is not in mint condition but it does have the brown original luggage on top, this, like many early Matchbox  is harder to find now at a reasonable price but they are still out there.

I have a few in the workshop awaiting either renovation or a reproduction luggage rack as many seem to of been parted company with the original.

Model details

Matchbox Fiat 1500

Number, 14

Colour, blue

Year of release, 1965 to 1968

Country of origin, UK

The real car

I don’t remember the real car on our streets as such but the later Polski Fiat I do remember, in fact I drove one, this was a Polish car with Fiat running gear.

The real Fiat was produced in 1961 up to 1967 and the pictures below shows one still in use and well looked after.

For more on the real car Click Here