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Del Prado, Ford GT40 mk2

by Peter
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One of my all time favourite race cars has to be the Ford GT40.

This DelPrado issue is in 1:43 scale.


Fantastic detail, apparently this livery is from the 1966 24 Hour Le Mans, 1st Ford Winner Bruce Mclaren and Chris Amon.


Numbered as Sc069



The real car

The Ford GT40 is a high performance American-British endurance racing car, built and designed in England (Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III) and in the United States (Mk IV), and powered by a series of American-built engines, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four consecutive times, from 1966 to 1969 (1966 being the Mk II, 1967 the Mk IV, and 1968-1969 the oldest chassis design, the Mk I), Including a 1-2-3 finish in 1966. In 1966, with Henry Ford II himself in attendance at Le Mans, the Mk II GT40 provided Ford with the first overall Le Mans victory for an American manufacturer and the first victory for an American manufacturer at a major European race since Jimmy Murphy´s triumph with Duesenberg at the 1921 French Grand Prix. The Mk IV GT40 that won LeMans in 1967 is the only car designed and built entirely in the United States to win the overall title.


Text on real car from Wikipedia

For more on the real car Click Here

Atlas Editions, Dinky Ford Thunderbird

by Peter
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The fourth model in the Atlas edition Dinky replica range is number 555, the Ford Thunderbird.


A great depiction of this rare Dinky model


The original Dinky model was only available for a couple of years, making it one of the rarest of the Dinky models.


The replica made by Atlas is spot on, and done in the rare colour of cornflower blue, the Dinky version was first issued in 1969 in France and the most common colour was an all over metallic lime green, all the boxes show the car in red regardless of the contents.


Matchbox Fords, restored

by Peter
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I don’t often write articles on the renovations I have done here and usually put them in the Restoration section but as my own versions of these are in a bad way I thought I would use these while I still had them as they have been done for a customer and are shortly on their way back home to their owner.

The first one is Matchbox Ford Anglia No7 and released in 1961, it was only ever available in blue and finally withdrawn in 1967.

This one is restored using all original parts and the paint was matched as near as possible to the Matchbox colour.

Next is the Matchbox Ford Thames van, this is No59 and released in 1958, this came with the Singer decals and available in green, there is also a dark green but harder to find.

Again this one has all the original parts including the axles, the paint match I am really pleased with and the decals are reproduction copies.

Its not often I forget to take pictures before I start, but this time I did forget, so as a comparison here are my two, although in better overall condition than the two above when I received them.

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The real Cars

Ford Anglia 105e

The last of the Anglia models by Ford, the 105E, was introduced in 1959. Its American-influenced styling included a sweeping nose line, and on deluxe versions, a full-width slanted chrome grille in between prominent ‘eye’ headlamps. (Basic Anglias featured a narrower, painted grille.

Ford Thames van 300e

The 300E was introduced in July 1954, based on the Ford Anglia / Prefect 100E saloon range and it shared its bodyshell with the station wagon versions of the line. and 1172 cc sidevalve four-cylinder engine with those models. Oddly, the bodyshell was optimized for use as a panel truck rather than a wagon with its two, short passenger doors and shorter overall length than the sedans. Initially produced only as a single model with 5 cwt (250 kg) carrying capacity, the range was later expanded with the introduction of Standard and Deluxe 7 cwt (350 kg) variants.

Classix diecast, 1:76 scale

by Peter
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A few days ago I posted about my new EFE Atkinson transporter and since then most of the emails and messages have been to do with the vehicles I displayed with it, namely the Classix diecast brand, it seems not many people in the diecast world has seen or heard of them.

Mainly supplied for OO gauge model railways, the Classix brand is supplied by Pocketbond Ltd and supply another well know brand for model railways, Scenix buildings, a range of buildings for OO gauge model railways. These are finished, painted and detailed 1:76 scale buildings made of lightweight hollow cast polystone, in fact I have one on my diorama at present, the red garage building in the picture below.

The Classix range is vast and covers trucks, vans and cars from the 50′s and 60′s and ideal for model railways, dioramas or just for collecting.

They are similar to Oxford Diecast in detail and Corgi Trackside ranges.

My first two are below

The first is the Austin A35 estate in green, this has the Classix number EM76859

For something so small the detail is fantastic.

Better known as the A35 countryman.

The next one is the Ford 300E Thames van 7cwt also in green, Classix No EM76676.

This one even has the sun visor.

They are easily available and if you Google, Classix diecast, it will bring up loads of suppliers, one of my favourites is Javis Manufacturing Ltd as they show a vast range of what is available, or for Scenix buildings try Gaugemaster.

The real cars

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