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Jensen Interceptor

by Peter
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The Corgi Junior version of the Jensen Interceptor seemed to have a short production run, and  released in 1972 withdrawn in 1973.

It was available in either the dark metallic red below or blue.

This model is the basic  Jensen as it only has the one grille either side on the front wing, I remember being told years ago that if there were two grilles either side on the back of the front wings it was the FF model, the letters FF stand for Ferguson Formula, after Ferguson Research Ltd., who invented the car’s four-wheel drive system.

Model Details

Make, Corgi Juniors

Model, Jensen Interceptor

No, 46

Colour, Dark metallic red.

Country of origin, UK

The real car

The Jensen Interceptor was the dream car of the sixties and seventies it’s slick iconic looks put it in a different league to any other car on the road.

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