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Mazda RX500

by Peter
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Mazda have long been the leaders in new design, including the use of the rotary engine concept and powered their day to day cars rather than just a concept, the RX 500 released by Matchbox in 1971 did in fact exist and was developed by Mazda as a concept car in 1970.

The Matchbox model was generally available in orange with a white base but have seen Bulgarian issues in both metallic blue and gold.

Later issues made in China did away with the interior and opening bonnet and had blacked out windows and also came in many colour variants.

The engine and interior are chrome plated with tinted purple glass.

It may of just been a concept but what graceful lines this car had.

Model details

Matchbox Mazda RX500

No, 66

Colour, orange body, white base

Release date, 1971

Country of origin, UK

A later issue was from the ‘Streakers’ collection, these were more brightly coloured with decals, basically re-branded.

Matchbox Mazda 3

So for the real car, yes there are pictures, in fact, a few years back one has been  restored.

For more on the fantastic car and see the restored car  Click Here