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Mercedes Benz Pullman 600, seeing double

by Peter
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This article is on the luxury Limousine made by Mercedes back in the 60′s and represented by two of the large diecast toys makers of the time.

Corgi Toys produced the Mercedes Benz Pullman in 1964, No247 and was released in metallic maroon, the scale listed for this is 1:52.

Although it had no opening doors, bonnet or boot, the back side windows slid up and down, it also had a unique mechinism for operational windscreen wipers that was driven off the back wheels, you could turn this on and off by a switch on the base, this was withdrawn in 1969.

Most of the windscreen was stippled to give the effect of rain and as a young lad with one of these I would guess that is great fun, as with many of these the bonnet emblem is missing from the one in my picture and finding one complete is not so easy unless you have deep pockets.

Dinky on the other hand took a more conventional route with four opening doors, bonnet and boot, Dinky also released their version in 1964 but ran until 1979, ten years after Corgi withdrew their one.

The dinky version also came with a driver and two passenger figures and was available in either dark metallic maroon and metallic blue, Dinky numbered this car 128.

The Dinky version was scaled bigger at 1:43, a more standard size scale of the time.

So how different are they? Well lets see.

The scale is far more obvious with them together and I have seen the Corgi Mercedes listed as 1:43, seen together the colour is identical on both models, I wonder how that developed? Bearing in mind they were both released in 1964 by two independent diecast makers.

The other strangely similar thing about these is they are both four door long wheelbase versions, Mercedes also made a 6 door body and well as a short wheel base four door, again a coincidence?

Beyond that you can see the differences between them above, the Dinky has a rounder shape, whereas the Corgi one is squarer and flater, the grills look completely different too and imagine they were both modelled from different years, the dinky being the older model as far as Mercedes shape goes.

They have now both gone to new homes, the Dinky Mercedes was sold a few months back to a French collector and the Corgi version has since been refurbished for a customer and finished in black.

To see this car getting refurbished Click Here

For the ultimate model of this car, see the Autoart 1:18 scale Mercedes Pullman

The real car

The Mercedes-Benz 600 is a large luxury automobile offered in several variants worldwide. Introduced in September 1963, it had very few competitors, these being Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Cadillac Fleetwood 75, the stretched Lehmann-Peterson Lincoln, and the Chrysler Imperial Crown Ghia. Generally, the long-wheel-base (LWB) 600 was intended as chauffeur-driven; many featured a central divider incorporating a powered window between front and rear compartments. Short-wheel-base (SWB) 600 models were designed to be owner-driven.

Production began in 1964 and almost 600 variants were built until 1972. The oil crisis, as well as the introduction of new S-Class models, slowed demand. Modest production continued until 1981. During this time, 2,677 vehicles were made.

But the story doesn’t end there, Mercedes still build a 600 Pullman, below is the 2010 Mercedes Pullman s600.

Matchbox Mercedes 230SL

by Peter
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This was another Matchbox lot from Ebay and really only bought it for the Mercedes 230SL, as the only one I have is a bit worse for wear and at the end of the day I only paid for this lot what I would normally pay for one car so well worth it.

Also in this lot was the Draguar hot rod, Mercury Cougar, the Mod Rod and the Baja buggy.

The Mercedes 230SL is another I remember having in my childhood collection and when the parcel arrived went to replace the existing one only to find they are different, this whole collecting thing with me has been a fantastic learning curve and still learning all the time, the Mercedes I already had, although in bad condition had red seating whereas the new one had black, after a bit of research found this car had a few variations mainly due to the Superfast wheel version change over as the regular wheeled version had red seats and a white paint finish.

The Superfast version was also available in white for a time and the picture below has been forwarded by one of our readers, Kevin.

There are many other variations with this model but rather than me go into great detail, there are people far more knowlegable than me that have already gone into great depths and Nick Jones was my source of information on this model, so Click Here to see more.

Model Details

Matchbox Mercedes 230SL

No, 27

Colour, yellow with black seats

Release date, 1966 as regular wheels, 1970 with Superfast wheels

Country of origin, UK

The remainder of the lot will either be re-sold or upgrade existing models, but then there is a twist, the Draguar is in fact slightly better than the one I had so is now part of the collection, the Mercury and Mod Rod will get resold but the Baja Buggy is also a variation of the one I have and has black exhaust pipes where the one I already have in the collection has red exhaust pipes.

The real Mercedes 230SL went into Production  in 1963 with the 2.3 liter 230 SL. These models were commonly 4-speed manual transmission cars, but a 4-speed automatic transmission was also available and popular for U.S. market cars. The 230 SL sported front disc / rear drum power-assisted brakes. They quickly gained popularity in the U.S. market, and this eventually led to more and more cars being built with automatic transmissions. 19,831 copies of the 230SL were built, of which 11,726 cars were exported.

For more on this car Click Here

Mercedes Benz 300SL

by Peter
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This was one of those finds I wasn’t aware I had, after unpacking one lot of diecast models I had bought this was among them (although I was told they were all Matchbox) and is a Corgi Junior version of the Mercedes 300SL.

It has lost some of it’s paint and the chrome from the bumpers and base has worn but it has become part of my collection, I’ve not seen many of these come up to upgrade this one so will hope for a better model sometime in the future.

Colour variations are red or silver and not yet aware of any others.

Model Details

Mercedes Benz 300SL

Make, Corgi Juniors

No, 47

Year of release, 1984

Colour, red/plated plastic base and bumpers

Country of origin, UK

The real car was introduced in 1954 as a two-seat, closed sports car with distinctive gull-wing doors. Later it was offered as an open roadster. It was the fastest production car of its day.

For more on the real car Click Here