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Matchbox Vantastic

by Peter
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The Matchbox Vantastic was released in 1975, and based on the Mustang of the day, back then there was a big interest in custom cars and vans and although I doubt this was ever built it is certainly possible, I myself was into trucks and converted among other things, a London Taxi cab, an Austin Princess and a Rover SD1 into pickup trucks.

The Vantastic I have is in two versions, one with an exposed engine and one without, I have tried to research which came first but no real information seems to be available on this.


As far as I knew the early production model from 1975 only came in orange and the later Chinese versions came in Beige, yellow and light blue (with blacked out windows) and black plastic base plates,  these were re-released when Matchbox were producing cars in China and the casting without the engine was used, that said all Matchbox models of that period had blacked out windows and the vantastic was no exception, know collectively as super GT cars, many Matchbox castings received the same fate.


But have now seen the 1975 issue in brown with a Maserati decal on the bonnet, although not convinced the decal is original, and also in Metallic blue with the decals as for the orange version, these could be Bulgarian issues but not 100% sure.

Model Details

Matchbox Vantastic

No, 34

Colours, Orange body, white base.

Released, 1975

Discontinued, 1980

Anything is possible as a real motor this may of been done and if anyone knows about it let me know, in the mean time the picture below shows a british built drag van.