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Corgi Oldsmobile Toronado

by Peter
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The Corgi Oldsmobile Toronado featured swivelling twin jewelled headlights, plated bumpers and cast spoked wheels.

Corgi number 264 and was released in 1967, although mainly seen in various shades of metallic blue this was also available in metallic red, one which I have been after recently with little luck.

The headlights are operated by a small geared thumb wheel under the front bumper.

The real car

The Oldsmobile Toronado was unlike anything else available when it debuted in late 1965. It featured a long, sleek profile and concealed headlamps, but the biggest news was what was underneath. Front-wheel drive.

1966 and 1967 Toronados shared much in the way of styling. The major visual difference was the grille, which consisted a crosshatch pattern for 1967, and horizontal slats only for 1966.

The name “Toronado” has no meaning, and was originally invented for a 1963 Chevrolet show car. Conceived as Oldsmobile’s full-size personal luxury car and competing directly with the Ford Thunderbird, the Toronado is historically significant as the first front-wheel drive automobile produced in the United States since the demise of the Cord in 1937.

The Toronado was structurally related to the 1966 rear-wheel-drive Buick Riviera and the following year’s Cadillac Eldorado, although each had quite different styling. The Toronado continued to share its E-body platform with the Riviera and Eldorado for most of its 28-year history.