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Matchbox, Glo Racers

by Peter
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It’s not often I get something I have not seen before but this little car was very unusual for Matchbox as it is made of plastic with a screw on metal base, and the base says ‘Made in Hong Kong’

First I though it must be a cheap copy of a Matchbox diecast Porsche 928 but decided to research the name on the base ‘Turbo Flash’ and found that Matchbox did a range of these cars and they actually glow in the dark called Glo Racers.

The plastic body and interior glow in the dark, its phosphorescent properties must be in the actual plastic and the red tampo printed over it

This one is the Porsche 928 but they also did the Triumph TR7, Datsun 280 ZX and a Pontiac Trans Am, they were supplied with a ‘Glo Shooter’ which fired them across the floor.

Mine came by itself in a job lot of diecast and had at one point put it aside as a cheap plastic car, so now gets placed in my collection as something unique made by Matchbox

So they you are, we all learn something new and even with Matchbox I still see new things they made I wasn’t aware of.

The real car

The porcshe 928 was one of my favourite Porsche models and still is.

The 928 featured a large, front-mounted and water-cooled V8 engine driving the rear wheels. Originally displacing 4.5 L and featuring a single overhead camshaft design, it produced 219 hp (163 kW/222 PS) for the North American market and 237 hp (176 kW/240 PS) in other markets. Porsche upgraded the engine from mechanical to electronic fuel injection in 1980 for US models, although power remained the same. This design marked a major change in direction for Porsche (started with the introduction of the Porsche 924 in 1976), whose cars had until then used only rear- or mid-mounted air-cooled flat engines with four or six cylinders.

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