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Corgi Rockets, superstox

by Peter
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The Corgi Rockets Superstock cars wasn’t one’s I had as a kid but remember them well because my brother had both.

Corgi produced two during the Rockets production years of 1969 to 1971, Number 919 was Todd Sweeny and number 920 was Derek Fiske both real cars and drivers in the late 1960′s.

The third one in the picture on the left is a later Whizzwheels issue No75 and is the same body casting as Todd Sweeny’s car.

The Derek Fiske car had an opening bonnet revealing the power plant and the number 304 was the actual number of the real car.

The Todd Sweeny car also had the real car number of 531, the third car is numbered 404 but when I got these three cars all the number stickers were missing so I made new ones, 404 was made up but have since found out this one was numbered 864.

The difference between the Corgi Rockets car and the Corgi Whizzwheels car can be seen in the picture below.

The real cars

Superstox is a type of single seat formula racing, similar to Sprint car racing developed in the 1960s in the United Kingdom. Racing is ‘contact’ whereby drivers can use the front bumper to help dislodge any car in front. Like most other forms of short oval racing, the higher rated drivers normally start at the back of the grid for each race.

Its original roots come from the mid-1950′s, it derived as a cheaper alternative to BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing, where a smaller junior forumula was raced nationally before the Southern ‘Spedeworth’ short oval tracks broke away from the main promoting body in 1961 to run their own version of Juniors which they called Formula Two. The cars were originally standard or ‘stock’ but became more modified over the years until 1968 when a new ‘stock’ car formula was introduced and the original much modified class became known as Super Stock Cars. This was later shortened to Superstox. Today the class bears no resemblance to a road going car. Chassis are generally built by specialist companies and all the components are special racing ones. The cars are all of front engine design although rear engine was allowed up until the mid 1970s.

The names on the Corgi Rockets cars did actually exist and drive, here are a few pictures from the website

Derek Fiske

Todd Sweeny

Both raced at Wimbledon, Todd Sweeny won first place in 1967 and Derek Fiske was placed third in 1968, see full list here

I found this video on UTube showing both Todd and Derek racing in the late 1960′s

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