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Corgi, Bond Bug

by Peter
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Despite how popular these were at the time, I personally don’t remember seeing that many on the road at the time.

This is the Reliant Bond Bug 700ES made by Corgi back in the 1970′s made in orange and also a lime green.

Corgi number 389, and scaled at 1:43, a nice little detail by Corgi is the catch at the lower rear to open the flip canopy.

Released in 1971 withdrawn in 1974, and believe it or not you could buy this new back then for just 39 pence.

This one is on the restore list and just got to get the decals sorted out first.

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The real car

The Bond Bug is a small British two-seat, three-wheeled sports car built from 1970 to 1974. It is a wedge-shaped microcar, with a lift-up canopy and side screens instead of conventional doors. Following the purchase of Bond Cars Ltd., Reliant commissioned Tom Karen of Ogle Design to design a fun car. The Bond Bug was based on Chief Engineer John Crosthwaite’s newly designed chassis and some Reliant Regal running gear. The original concept was explored by chopping down a production Regal vehicle.

The engine is the front-mounted 700 cc (later uprated to 750 cc) Reliant light-alloy four-cylinder unit which protruded into the passenger cabin. At launch 29 bhp (22 kW; 29 PS) was claimed for the less expensive 700 and 700E models. The more up-market 700ES incorporates a redesigned cylinder head which permitts the compression ratio to be increased from 7.35:1 to 8.4:1. This provided a power increase to 31 bhp (23 kW; 31 PS) as well as improved torque for the then range topping 700ES.

For more see the Wikipedia link Here

Corgi Juniors, Reliant Simitar GTE

by Peter
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The Simitar GTE is one of my favourite classics from the 1970′s and actually in the process of looking to buy a real one.

Corgi produced this ‘Juniors’ version of the Simitar GTE in 1970 based on the version built for the 1968 motor show in London, from what I believe and reading the page at this was a one-off build and still in existence.

The Corgi Juniors version ended production in 1973.

I like the colour on this one although not impressed with the wheels but all in all a nice copy of the real car.

The base plate show this as the ‘Ogle/Reliant Simitar GTE’, ogle was the design company that had already been involved with many Reliant designs including the GTE, this one had the extra glass above the windscreen.

The Real car

The real Ogle/Reliant Simitar GTE is seen below.

Picture from

The Simitar GTE

Tom Karen of Ogle was asked to submit some body designs based on the Ogle Design GTS estate car experiment for a new four seater Scimitar, the SE5 Reliant Scimitar. Managing Director Ray Wiggin, Chief Engineer John Crosthwaite and fibreglass body expert Ken Wood went to Ogle’s in Letchworth to look at a couple of mock-up body designs for the new SE5. Wiggin told Wood to go ahead and do a proper master.

The SE5 was conceived and ready for the 1968 Motor Show in under 12 months. For the SE5 John Crosthwaite and his team designed a completely different chassis frame, revised and improved suspension, new and relocated fuel tank, a rollover bar, new cooling system, spare wheel mounted in the nose to give increased rear space and a 17 gallon fuel tank. When designing the chassis Crosthwaite worked closely with Ogle body stylist Peter Bailey to modify and refine the prototype.

Information from Wikipedia