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Dinky Morris Oxford & Rover P4

by Peter
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Todays article is a double feature and includes the Early Dinky diecast of the Morris Oxford and the Rover P4 model 75.

I don’t really collect Dinky but I do buy to sell or renovate.

I actually bought these as renovation projects but have put them in the collection for now for two reasons, there are in quite good condition and I already have at least 20 Dinky and Corgi to renovate.

The Rover 75 is special to me because it was always a car I dreamed of owning but never actually had, this one is Dinky number 156 and dates from between 1956 to 1959, the scale seems to be around 1:43, the same as the Vanguards so would fit in well with them.

The Dinky Morris Oxford is number 159 and was released between 1954 to 1957 the Oxford was really a bigger saloon version of the Morris Minor.

The real cars

Both Rover and Morris later became part of British leyland but each in their own right have a history

The model above is based on the original P4, the model 75, and arrived in 1949. It featured controversial modern styling which contrasted with the outdated Rover P3 which it replaced, and which was heavily based on the bullet-nosed Studebakers of the same era.

Power came from a 2.1 L  Rover straight-6 engine. A four-speed manual transmission was used with a column-mounted shifter at first and floor-mounted unit from 1954.

One particularly unusual feature was the centrally mounted headlight in the grille. Known as the “Cyclops eye”, it was removed after 1952.

William Morris’ first car was called the Oxford in recognition of its home city. To keep costs down virtually all components were bought-in and assembled by Morris.

After the Second World War the Oxford MO replaced the 10. It was introduced in 1948 and was produced until 1954. The design was shared with Nuffield Organisation stable-mate Wolseley 4/50.

Both the Morris Oxford, along with the Morris Minor were designed by Alec Issigonis.

The MO was sold as a 4-door saloon and 2-door Traveller estate with exposed wood. Both were four-seaters. It was replaced by the Series II Oxford in 1954.

The Oxford underwent a lot of design changes over the years but the Morris Minor remained almost unchanged until it’s demise in 1971.

Rover P6 3500 V8

by Peter
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This is the second ‘Vanguards’ Corgi models I have in my ‘Cars I have owned’ collection, the first was the Austin Princess, the classic Rover P6, my second car was a P6 Rover although my real car was a 2000TC in battleship grey and with red leather seats and later I had the V8 P6 in Rover blue, the difference in the two cars really was the grill and the bonnet, this model has the later ‘brick’ grill as it was known and my ealier 2000TC has an alloy slatted one. the bonnet on the V8 has the two raised panels seen below on the model whereas the 2000 cc models didn’t.


This Vanguards model is Numbered VA06515 and is one of a limited edition of 2460, this being number 1398, the engine was a classic in itself and the 3500cc V8 found it’s way into many customs in later years.

The colour was an actual colour of Rovers and BMC cars, I had a later SD1 in this colour and remember a friend having an Austin Allegro this colour too, it was called avocado green.


This model is based on a real P6 and according to Vanguard was the last Rover P6 to be made and came of the lines on March 19th 1977.


The real car was launched in 1971, the 150bhp 3500S was the manual high performance version of the V8 engined P6, which initially only been available with automatic transmisson (my V8 was had the auto box) since it’s launch in 1968.

When new this would of cost you £1988.00 and for that you got a car capable of 122 mph.

The picture below is of the actual car Vanguards modelled this vehicle on, the 3500S V8, even the number plate is the same.

The picture below is of the earlier 2000TC one similar to what I once had, notice the earlier grill type and lack of bonnet bulges.