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Lone Star, Austin-Western, model 220 mobile crane

by Peter
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Today another Lone Star vehicle, this time a mobile crane, this is from the IMPY Super cars ‘commercials’ range and called the Austin-Western model 220 mobile crane, from what I can work out this is number 33 and released 1968 until 1972 then again in 1975.

This is actually a very good scale representation of the real crane and if I had to guess a scale would put this at around 1:64, the crane is only 72mm long (88mm with the crane arm).

According the the jib casting this is a 5 ton crane.

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The real crane

The Austin-Western company history

In 1901, F.C. Austin Manufacturing Company and Western Wheeled Scraper Company, which until then had been fierce competitors, formed a corporation called Austin-Western Road Machinery Company. Its offices were in Chicago, Illinois.

Western Wheeled Scraper purchased F.C. Austin Manufacturing Company in 1902, renaming it Austin Manufacturing Company, and the three companies operated until 1934. Austin and Western products were manufactured and sold under those names, although the Austin-Western name also appeared on machinery, especially in the early 1930s.

In 1934, the two manufacturing companies were consolidated under the name Western-Austin Company, with Austin-Western as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The Austin-Western name was in standard use on the equipment after the merger, although the Western-Austin name also occasionally appeared in conjunction with Austin-Western. Also in 1934, the Austin-Western Road Machinery Company moved from Chicago to Aurora, Illinois, and manufacturing operations were consolidated in Aurora in 1939.

On January 1, 1944, all operations were consolidated under the Austin-Western Company name, the Austin-Western Road Machinery Company was dissolved, and the Western-Austin name was dropped.

Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation (Collection 135) acquired Austin-Western as a subsidiary on March 8, 1951. In July of 1965, Armour and Company of Chicago, Illinois, purchased Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation of Philadelphia. In December of 1970, the Greyhound Corporation purchased all of Armour and Company and its subsidiaries.

In May of 1971 the Clark Equipment Company purchased only the Construction Equipment Division from Greyhound. This consisted of the Austin-Western Division of Aurora, Illinois; the Lima Division of Lima, Ohio; and the Division of BLH Canada located at St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Clark went on to phase out the Austin-Western name in the mid-1970s, consolidating the line into its Crane Division. It also moved production of graders–the last survivor of the line–to the former Hancock Manufacturing Company plant in Lubbock, Texas in 1978. The Lubbock plant was closed and the grader line discontinued in 1981.

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