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Husky, Ford D Series

by Peter
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Husky were well known for their small scale diecast models but they did make a few larger one’s, the Ford D series cab unit was made available with a few different trailers, one being the low loader and originally came with the Husky No23 Super Loadmaster Shovel, the set was No 2003.

The D series Ford was also available with a box trailer or car transporter trailer.

Release dates are hard to track down on the Husky Models, but Mettoy (the parent company of Corgi and Husky) started to release Husky models in 1964 in direct competition with Matchbox albeit cheaper.

The loadmaster shovel was available separately in either orange or yellow.

The Ford D series was released in the time when The Bedford TK was likely to be one of the best known and best selling trucks in the UK.

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The Loadmaster was harder to track down and as I like to link every model I can to the real version or inspiration behind the vehicle, wasn’t going to let this one go, as it turned out the clue was in the name, the Super Loadmaster was in fact based on the Chaseside Super Loadmaster  SL1000.

Chaseside Engineering made loading shovels from around 1961 until the company ceased trading in 1965, this company was later aquired by J C Bamford Excavactors (JCB) in 1968, the design of the Loadmaster, although updated over the years, can still be seen in the new JCB 411HT loader