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Dinky, Coles mobile crane

by Peter
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Based on the Ulysses 3 ton Mobile Yard crane which had been introduced in 1949, the Dinky Coles Mobile Crane.  It had crank operated jib and hook and 360 degree  rotation.

First numbered 570 when it was introduced in 1949 and later became 971 in March 1954.

Dinky Coles crane1

This model was withdrawn in 1966.

Dinky Coles crane2


The real cranes

Information on the real cranes is sketchy to say the least but a useful page I found was here—1960

From the above webpages the following is the description of a yard crane in general

Yard Crane

Self mobile cranes with either cantilever or strut booms designed for lifting moving and stacking goods both inside and outside industrial works and storage sites. There loading capacity is lower than the industrial crane but this rating can be raised for static lifting if outriggers are fitted stabilising their base. Movement and lifting are operations are both carried out from operating cab mounted in the slewing deck. They are more moveable than the Industrial Unit.