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Matchbox ‘Hatra’ tractor shovel

by Peter
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The Hatra tractor shovel was one of a few models available in the King Size range as well as the 1-75 range and although the King Size tractor shovel was available only in orange, the smaller scale model was available in orange and yellow.

The King Size loader was No K3 and the smale scale model was No69, the one thing unique about this particular tractor was it had a swivel base on the loader arm all other loaders shovel didn’t at the time, and as far as I know still don’t.

The King Size model was released in 1965 and the smaller tractor a lot later in 1969.

I am suprised that Matchbox never released this model in a military version as a lot of my research on this tractor shows a healthy military interest in this vehicle.

I may very well create a code 3 of this myself in the near future.

The other interesting thing about the research on this tractor was although the Matchbox one appears to have a solid roof the one’s I found pictures of seem to have a canvas top.

The information on this tractor loader is somewhat limited, but so far have established it was  of German origin and known as a 2,5t gl Hatra SL 125

Hatra was initially a ship yard and owned by Alfred Hagelstein (1897 to 1956 ) from Lübeck Germany, in 1949 he also took on and bought out a road roller company Kemna, and re-branded as his own, later in the 60′s designed his own loaders, mainly for the army, road rollers and other construction plant continued too up too at least the 1970′s under the name Hatra-Kemna where the history trail of Hatra appears to go cold, however not being one to give up I continued my research, it appears that Hatra shut their doors in 1972 followed by the boats business a year later, I did actually find the Hatra website it is in German but should translate ok.

Hatra did make another version of this with a solid roof although I believe the bigger one in the pictures above look closer in scale and size to the Matchbox versions, but for reference I have included a picture of the other loader below.

In some way Matchbox has helped this tractor shovel live on as there is unlikely to be many of the real thing left and like so many models will be the only thing left in years to come of our history of cars, trucks and construction plant.