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Matchbox, KW Dart dumper

by Peter
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Over the years, Matchbox Lesney made various different contruction site dumpers, mainly in yellow and this KW Dart was one of the last King Size dumpers issued.

Numbered K2, the KW Dart was released in 1964.

Being a later model, this one had the friction struts to lift the tipper, this is classed as an articulated dumper as the cab/tractor unit has a pivot rather than a hitch.

These were massive trucks and is well depicted on the Matchbox carton, note the size of the man against the Dart.

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The real truck

Shown here in a promotional leaflet, the one Matchbox copied was the centre one, known as the D6550 series, and rated at 100 to 120 ton capacity.

The Dart Truck Company was bought (1958) by Pacific Car and Foundry Company (later known as Paccar) of Bellevue, Washington. Dart Truck Company became a subsidiary of Pacific Car and Foundry, and the Dart brand name was changed to KW-Dart (KW being a shortened variation of Kenworth). The purchase of Dart by Pacific Car and Foundry had been approved by the PC&F board of directors on February 25, 1958. In 1960 Dart came out with a 95-ton capacity, rear-dumping tractor-trailer unit known as the 95EDT. Kennecott bought its first KW Dart haulage trucks (1963), which included the company’s 65-ton rigid-frame model, and its 110-ton articulated model. 1965 Dart claimed it was the first to build a mechanical-drive, two-axle hauler to break the 100-ton barrier. The Dart Model D-2771 debuted in 1965 at 110-tons rated capacity. A GM 12V149 engine of 740 flywheel-horsepower powered it, but an optional turbocharged version put out 920 flywheel-horsepower. The truck featured Dart’s own design of front and rear axles and suspension system combining steel springs with compressed air. Dart also offered an electric version, the DE2771, of the same tonnage, featuring a diesel-electric module comprising a Cummins engine, radiator, General Electric DC generator and exciter mounted on one frame to form a single exchangeable unit. “KW” was dropped from the KW Dart brand name when the KW Dart Truck Company Division of Paccar became the Dart Truck Company Division of Paccar (1970).

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