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Matchbox Muir Hill dumpers

by Peter
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Matchbox were well known for their trucks and construction machines and Muir Hill was one of them.

The picture below show two of the three Matchbox released the smaller dumper is number 2b in the early 1-75 range and dates from 1957, this was the second dumper to be released, an earlier one was very similar but slightly smaller and released in 1953 and known as number 2a, this happened to many Matchbox in the early days (see Bedford coaches) as they started out small to fit in a standard matchbox, as time went on the sizes increased, if you have one of these and not sure which one, the size of the earlier model is 42mm long and the later one 47mm, the earlier model also had the radiator grill painted silver, I don’t actually have a 2a to see any other diffences but this is a good starter.

The second one in the picture is number 2c, and a completely different dumper, in fact I have never seen one like this and finding any information on the real vehicle proved impossible.

This was released around 1961 and continued until 1967, mainly seen with the ‘Laing’ decals but was released with ‘Muir Hill’ decals too.

The real machines

The one above is the real version of number 2a and 2b, what the model is or weight capacity is unknown as no information has , as yet been made available.

The Muir Hill 2c dumper is even more ellusive and couldn’t find anything on the real machine at all, the picture below is a Muir Hill but the cab is completely different and doesn’t cover the engine as the Matchbox model does.

As always any information on these machines will be gratefully received and if I do find anything else out I will of course add to this article.

Muir Hill history

As with many companies Muir Hill started out doing something different to what they were known for, if I mentioned the name B.S.A it is likely the first thing you would think of is old British motorbike but they started out making rifles which is why when you look at the badge on the motorcycles it is three rifles standing together, Muir Hill started by building narrow gauge locomotives but became better known for the dumpers and loaders.

Their heyday would of been the 1940′s and ’50′s and were taken over by Winget Ltd 1959, the company has been bought and sold over the years and has since been owned by Aveling Barford, Chaseside, among others and now it is believed the name is owned by JCB