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Matchbox, Whitlock Dinkum Dumper

by Peter
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Over their production years Matchbox came up with some very unusual site dumpers, now, most of the original real one’s have long been scrapped.

The Whitlock  Dinkum Dumper was the first, numbered M10 from the  Major Pack range, this of course predates ‘Kingsize’ and was produced from around 1962

The ’70′ in the decal on the side refers to the engine size of 70 hp

This is the earlier metal wheeled version and was later fitted with the red plastic wheels.

For the Matchbox Kingsize KW Dart dumper Click Here

The real machines

Information on the real Whitlock Dinkum dumper is hard to find but below is what I do have.

The Dinkum dumper range was made by Whitlock who also made loaders and excavators, the Dinkum 70 had the front end under a fibreglass bonnet/cab and had Ferguson mechanicals and steering, I have been told only 300 was ever made but can’t confirm this.

One of their loaders and backhoe excavators was actually called the Dinkum Super Major as this was  a converted Ford Super Major tractor, Whitlock wasn’t the only company that did this and JBC started out the same way.

Other Whitlock dumpers, the DD95 was an 11 ton machine with a 95 h.p. engine and the DD105 was a 12 ton machine with a 105 h.p. engine.

Below is one of the Whitlock sales leaflets showing their range and also shows the Dinkum Dumper 70hp

Below is the only picture I could find and is of the larger DD95, notice this model has an enclosed cab but otherwise looks much the same as the DD70.

Whitlock Brothers Limited was based at Great Yeldham in Essex and they were founded in early 1899. The firm built the Dinkum Digger under licence from the inventor a Scotsman; Robert Ewan, from Fife. The Dinkum was as backhoe attachment for Fordson and Ferguson tractors. Next was the Dinkum 60 and Dinkum Major built on a Fordson Major base unit. A similar solution being equally adopted by Bray, Weatherhill and several other British construction machinery makes for backhoe loaders and diggers they offered.

In early 1954 Whitlock produced a dumper called the Whitlock DD95 based on a Fordson tractor. The dumper was an 11 ton unit with a 95 hp tractor with 6F + 2R manual gearbox. A lower powered version the Whitlock DD75 was also built. Later in 1963 came the Whitlock DD105 4WD Hydrostatic dumptruck model with a 105 hp transverse engine and a 12 ton capacity and could have a connectable rear axle drive or both axles driven. This was not a big seller but was considered well ahead of its time just like other UK firms such as Bray, Camill and Northfield who later introduced similar products

The known dumper range from Whitlock

  • Whitlock DD70 ADT An early original and first ever dumptruck with Ferguson mechanicals and steering.
  • Whitlock DD75 ADT An original Fordson 68 bhp engined dumptruck with Ferguson steering and wheels.
  • Whitlock DD95 ADT An original Fordson 95 bhp engined dumptruck with several tractors fitted on it.
  • Whitlock DD105 ADT 4WD The last Dumptruck model they made using 4X4 axles.