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Building on Lego

by Peter
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For some time I have been looking at buying and selling Lego, it has always appealed to me and what you can do with it, as a kid I had the early BetaBilda made by Airfix in the sixties, but got into Lego much later.

Although, I don’t have much at the moment, I have discovered a brilliant application on the Lego website.

With this programme you can design and build anything even without the bricks, to me it’s a great tool for designing a large build as well as smaller items.

Have a look and download it, but make sure you have an endless supply of coffee as it is addictive :)

If you do get into it send us your best pictures and I will post them.

Updated 11th May 2014, after being contacted about the Lego link not working I have now updated it to the new page at the Lego website, thanks to Sandra for letting me know.

Lego Digital Designer