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Triang, Spot-On, Arkitex

by Peter
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Back in the early sixties when I was a small lad, I remember having a girder building kit, for years it eluded me as to what it was until a few years ago after seeing the Triang Arkitex online, it seemed familiar but in the deep corridors of my memory I thought the girders were red, maybe I was getting mixed up with the Matchbox girder truck, it was 50 years ago I had these.

For some time I tried to get hold of some of these kits but was constantly outbid on sites such as Ebay, recently I have succeeded in getting both 1:42 scale sets, numbers 1 and 2.

These were designed to be used with the Triang  Spot-On diecast cars and trucks to build modern tower blocks and industrial buildings.

Set number 1


This was the basic starter set and as you can see was well looked after, it won’t be living in the box as this has been bought to be used.


It came with it’s original booklet showing how to use the kit.


Set number 2, is a bigger expansion set, again in 1:42 scale.


The box and packing has seen better days and the parts need a clean but as already said these are being used not stored, what wonderful backdrops I’ll be making for my 1:42 scale diecast in the near future.


After a good clean and repair work to the box things look a lot better.


Note how both box lids show the Triang Spot-On Jones crane KL10, now very hard to get in good condition.

Triang Spot-on, Jones crane 2

See article on the Triang Spot-On Jones mobile crane Click Here


As you can see from the picture below, set number 2 is far deeper so must contain far more pieces, add these two sets together and who knows what it will create.


Triang also made the same sets in 1/72 or ho/oo scale, designed for Triang model railways and smaller cars.

This is set B


The contents are similar to set 2 above but in a smaller scale, I now have two of these sets.


Look out for more on these sets here and on the pages of this website in the future.

To see what the Triang Arkitex range consisted of see the website link below.