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EFE versus Atlas, a tale of two buses

by Peter
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I am not a big bus collector, yet, but took a deeper interest in London double deckers after adding a few Corgi Routemasters to my collection.

As one of my favourite scales is 1:76 it seemed only right to add a few of that scale, I found two from different makers and here I will compare the two models.

The first offering is the EFE AEC RT in London Transport livery.

To me this is a good casting with great detailing, somewhat different to the Corgi buses I have, the wheels are very realistic and the decals are crisp, the quality shows on these models against the likes of Corgi as these are more for the model collector, overall I would certainly add more of the EFE to my collection.

The second is from Atlas Editions, as is in fact the RTW  a slightly wider bodied bus than the RT, the detail is far more pronounced than the EFE model including the more obvious rear handrails and the silver lining to the windows, what let down my model was the badly applied decals, this came directly from Atlas and could of likely ended up with me buying more, but due to the decal issue decided that their quality control left a lot to be desired.

The next picture show both together.

Overall I would add either to my collection but, decals aside the Atlas bus would be the preferred brand, although EFE are far easier to get hold of, on another note, the display base that comes attached to the Atlas bus, although screwed to the base of the model the screws are hidden by a plastic cover glued into place, to remove it you have to break it open rendering it useless for future replacement, it’s a shame as Atlas could of ended up with another long term subscriber on the buses as well as other ranges, as it was I cancelled my membership as no mention of a replacement was offered.


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EFE, Atkinson Mk1, car transporter

by Peter
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EFE started in 1989 making 1:76 scale trucks, mainly the AEC Mammoth Major truck with variations of body, EFE or their full name, Exclusive First Editions and are still going strong today in 2012.

Although EFE are probably better known for their 1:76 buses, I never seem to of bought any, then the other day this grabbed my attention so bought it.

This is the EFE Atkinson car transporter in 1:76 scale and according to their website my one was issued back in 1993 and numbered 13004, the decal set is ‘Classic Restorations’.

There were three other previous decals sets applied to this model starting in 1991 with ‘Transport Services Limited’.

I have a few 1:76 commercials,  ones made by Classix and fit nicely with the transporter but only just on the lower deck, maybe cars will fit better.

The Dinky Dublo’s in the background don’t fit on the lower deck at all and should also be OO scale but work out slightly bigger than the Classix range.

But that aside it makes a great addition to my transporters.

Just need some more 1:76 scale cars

The real truck

EFE marked the above truck as an Atkinson Mk1.

Originally a firm of steam-wagon repairers and manufacturers, founded in 1907 in Preston, Lancashire, England, Atkinson & Co. evolved into Seddon Atkinson Vehicles Ltd through a succession of mergers.

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