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Lone Star and Dinky exhibition, Whitewebbs museum 2016

This year I am exhibiting my collection of Lone Star and DCMT toys again, plus a few Dinky I have.

Since 2014 the collection has grown so needed two tables and rather than just layout the tables, I spent some time making displays.

This is the full set up, further pictures below showing close up’s.


Firstly my selection of Austin lorries from the Lone Star Roadmaster series, the display is just made of ply and painted with a colour matched to one of my Lone Star boxes.


In front of that are a few Lone Star Super Freighters

The only models not Lone Star in my display are these few Dinky Super Toys.


Next my display of Lone Star knights and siege machines, the backdrop is made from parts of a Britains castle.


In front of the knights, a display of various Lone Star model vehicles.


Next we have Lone Star Tuf Tots, cranes and a range of Top Boy and Kings of the Road series.


Below my collection of Lone Star Space Commanders have their own display base, a moon base.


To see how the moon base was made Click Here

Next the Highway series and my Slikka crane.


Finally my collection of 1:32 Lone Star tractors and machinery.


The barn is made by Britains but looks good with the Lone Star selection.

A few more pictures from around the show.


A very large selection of Lone Star guns


An operational Lone Star treblo layout


Ian Dorrell’s huge mint collection, or, at least the part of it he brought.


Hornby three rail dublo layout


Hornby dublo two rail layout

That’s it for another year, to see previous exhibitions Click Here

DCMT / Slikka toys

by Peter
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Both Lone Star and Slikka Toys (or Tools) are names used by DCMT  (Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd) the parent company of both names, Lone Star was used from 1951 until the companies demise in 1988.

This small adjustable wrench, possibly made 1951,  one item from the ‘Junior Mechanic’s Tool Kit’ DCMT Cat No117. Other tools in the set would of been a screwdriver, pliers, and a ball pein hammer.

I found this by chance from a seller selling old tools.



For more on the DCMT and Lone Star history, see


Lone Star and Dinky Exhibition, WhiteWebbs museum 2014

This year at the annual Lone Star Exhibition I had a stall to show my own Lone Star collection, it had been extended to include Dinky Toys too.

Last year I visited this show for the first time and learnt  alot about Lone Star and this year was no different.

My own small collection

Whitewebbs DC expo 9

The red crane with the white jib is new and bought at the show, boxed and mint.

Whitewebbs DC expo 10

Most of the models here have already been written about and you can find out more by searching Lone Star on this website.

So lets have a look around the Exhibition.

On the table next to me was this Lone Star Treblo electric layout, and fully operational, Treblo or OOO was the father of British N gauge.

Whitewebbs DC expo 1

A  few static diecast  Treblo layouts showing a vast number of the range that was available by Lone Star.

Whitewebbs DC expo 2

Whitewebbs DC expo 3

Lone Star were well known for their diecast cap guns of many types and in fact gained the name solely because of the western theme they had adopted, this stall had one of the biggest ranges I have ever seen.

Whitewebbs DC expo 7

Even more Lone Star weapons.

Whitewebbs DC expo 8

This is Ian Dorrell and his amazing collection of all things Lone Star, probably the largest collection in the UK, in fact many of the pictures in the reference books I use are of  Ian’s collection.

Whitewebbs DC expo 6

There was plenty of stalls selling Lone Star as well as other makes, and as already said I have added a Lone Star crane to my collection, a few other things caught my eye and worthy of adding here.

First this set of Dinky A4 locomotives, around N gauge in size, According to the “Great book of Dinky Toys” The Green one, Light blue one , the Silver and Red one and the Silver one Are from 1937–1941.  The Dark Green one is obviously after 1948 with that BR crest.  The one in Dark Blue can either be Pre or post WW2…

Personally I had not seen these before.

Whitewebbs DC expo 4

Another Dinky set and was really tempted with buying it, but alas,  I didn’t.

This is also Dinky no. 18 Tank Goods Set produced 1934–1941.

Whitewebbs DC expo 5

As the theme was Lone Star and Dinky diecast, I was suprised they had a large O gauge Hornby 3-rail layout, but Frank Hornby did produce the Dinky range as well as Hornby trains and of course Meccano, the following pictures are of the layout which I had great pleasure in watching much of the day.





For more information on Lone Star or a copy of the books I myself use as reference go to


Lonestar and Slikka Toys

by Peter
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Both Lone Star and Slikka Toys are names used by DCMT  (Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd) the parent company of both names, Lone Star was used from 1951 until the companies demise in 1988.

Today I have two new additions to my collections, first from 1976 is this Caterpillar tractor, number 1264.


This came with it’s box and is in what I consider mint condition, I have seen many of these around but usually missing the plastic canopy and/or tracks.

This was produced between 1977 and 1984 although my box is marked 1976, Lone Star also used this set up as a crane, No1263, both were part of the ‘Highway Constructors‘ series and later became ‘Road Builders in 1983, the model had a change of canopy to a plastic open frame with a roof and the ‘Wimpey’ logo was added


To see more of the ‘Highway Constructors’ series Click Here

The second offering today is much much older, This is pre Lone Star so no doubt made before 1951.


I know little about this model, the base says, DCMT  ‘Slikka Toys’, it is however complete as others I have seen have been missing the hook or the side sliding plate, the information I have is from  the book ‘The toys that time forgot’ by Geoffrey Ambridge, this model was number 121 in the DCMT catalogue and produced from 1950, apparently there was also a magnetic version that ran on battery power the number was 121M but otherwise the same, this explains the sliding plate and the housing behind it as it would of been the same casting, it was also sold with a bucket on the hook.

To order your own copy of ‘The toys time forgot’ Click Here


The following text is from Geoffery Ambridge’s Lone Star website

D.C.M.T. marketed toys, tools, etc, made from their own designs (and those formerly belonging to ‘Crescent Toy’) under a nondescript brand-name “Slikka” Toys or Tools. It wasn’t until 1951 that the Directors wisely decided to change the brand-name yet again, this time to the more appropriate – “Lone Star” – reminiscent of Texas and of the ‘Wild West’ generally, as D.C.M.T.’s predominantly Western-themed products became more and more popular.

 ’The toys that time forgot’ by Geoffrey Ambridge.

This book details the early post-World War Two metal casting output of Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd. (a.k.a. D.C.M.T.) formerly of ‘The River Works’, 152 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, north London and, from 1956, also at Hatfield, Hertfordshire. From 1945, D.C.M.T. produced steel moulds for various toys on behalf of ‘The Crescent Toy Co. Ltd.’, then of Tottenham, north London.  Also zinc-alloy castings from four moulds which had evidently come into D.C.M.T.’s possession, either from ‘Tootsietoy’ (U.S.A.) direct or had been built by D.C.M.T.

To order your own copy of ‘The toys time forgot’ Click Here

I will also be attending the Lone Star exhibition at WHITEWEBBS MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT as  an exhibitor and will be taking my entire Lone Star and DCMT collection with me and along with other collectors will be there all day on SUNDAY, 28th September 2014.

For more details of the Museums exhibitions Click Here