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Marx diecast truck

by Peter
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Very little was known about this model when I bought it, in fact didn’t even know what make it was as no markings are present at all.

The only reason I bought it was I liked it’s look and condition.

Later research showed it to be made by Marx.

Marx truck 1

Since owning this one I have seen others, mainly in America, they seem to be less common here in the UK like most American brands, many other trailer types were fitted to this cab unit which is likely to be generic rather than based on a real truck.

Marx truck 2

Although a basic casting without a tipping action to the trailer this little diecast truck is a great example of  earlier diecasting and styles.

Marx truck 3

I am already on the look out for more.

Any other information anyone may have such as models numbers, years of production, etc, then please let me know in the comments or on the contact form and I will update this article accordingly.

Marx, diecast Fire engine

Marx did make a few diecast cars and trucks, but now are hard to find or even if you can the prices are high, they are not known for their quality and are at best simple castings without frills.

I only have the one, but I do like this particular casting of an American fire engine.

This is quite small at 60mm long and puts it into a similar size to Matchbox.

Underneath it shows how simple this was made, also of note, the printing on the casting says Made in Hong Kong.

The Louis Marx Company was one of the major players in the toy industry for decades.

Marx Toys also attempted to take advantage of the diecast market success of Matchbox and Tootsietoy. Marx short-lived effort did provide a limited line of diecast cars, produced in the early 1960′s. In 1968, Hot Wheels came on the scene and Marx attempted to re-style their diecast line to compete. Their efforts failed and today, Marx diecast are just another name in the history of diecast.

The real truck

The above fire truck is likely to of been based on the 1958/59 Ford cab and American Le France equipment as this was a common combination at this period in time, the casting probably dates from the early 60′s.