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Brentwood toy fair Essex


I started this blog and website back in April 2011, and this week marks 6 years online, on that basis this week a special post on my diverse  collection and items I bought this week at the Brentwood toy fair.

I nearly missed the toy fair, it was only that one of my contacts on Facebook mentioned he had a stall there today that I went.

I always tend to browse a lot before I buy but sometimes things just jump out and say “buy me” and more often than not I do.

The first few models are upgrades to existing parts of the collection.

This is the Matchbox greyhound bus number 66, I have two with amber glass, Superfast and regular wheels but the clear glass version is harder to find.


This replaces a previous model with hand painted sides.


Next is the Matchbox Bedford Duple coach, number 21a, the smaller of the two types


This is in lovely condition against my previous version.


Next is the Matchbox Diamond T prime mover number 15a and trailer 16a from the same stall and made in the 1950′s, never had one of these so a new addition to the Matchbox series 1 collection.

Matchbox 15a

Again in lovely condition.

Still at the same stall and couple of older Triang railway wagons caught my eye, these are ones I am collecting to make up a rake for one train, these now make 5 and at £4 each how could I say no, both are different coloured wagons and the grey of the containers is also different, the maroon one being of Triang origin and the brown one possibly later Hornby and much harder to find.

Triang 3 container

On another stall and still on the subject of model railways I found this re-painted Fleischmann crane with a crocodile well wagon in the same GW grey, although origin is unknown.

Crane and crocidile

The re-paint is well done but don’t like the shiny black roof so may have to matt that down, also a jib support on the wagon may have to be built.

On another stall I was browsing, I came across these Corgi trackside Scammell Scarabs, 4 to be precise so bought them all, do love a Scarab.

Trackside Scarabs

On another stall this Mercedes fire truck got my attention, made by Majorette, I have a few of this type of truck but not the fire truck and at just £2 had to add it to my collection.

Majorette Mercedes

While browsing this stall something else caught my eye, this I had never seen before, made in Italy by a diecast company called Mercury, a little Fiat 500  about Matchbox size, from what I can find out these went bust in the 70′s and made this smaller one and also a 1:43 version with opening features, cost me £30 but have since seen these selling for 3 times as much so feel I got  bargain.

Mercury Fiat

Another stall, another addition, this mixer was made by DCMT ( Later became Lonestar) and nice to find complete and in good condition.

DCMT mixer

Finally a random purchase, 6 small daleks seen here in one of the 1:76 scale Scarabs, these will end up painted on a diorama of even a cameo on the model railway.

Daleks x6


Land Rover, Carmichael

Carmichael are vehicle manufacturers in their own right but have used Land Rovers as a base for their fire service vehicles.

Matchbox created a version of one of them.


This was Matchbox number 57 and listed as Land Rover Fire truck.

Released in 1966 with the standard black wheels although later versions did have Superfast wheels until production on this model ceased in 1970.


Oxford Diecast have also released the Land Rover Carmichael.


This one is a scale model is 1:76 scale, and numbered, 76LRC001

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The real vehicles

Land Rover Carrmichael

Picture by

Carmichael are vehicle manufacturers in their own right therefore I have added them to the makers list under catergories.

They are still making vehicle today, for more on Carmichael vehicles Click Here








Lesney Products Corp, Moonachie NJ

by Peter
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Today something a bit different, this plastic vehicle came up on Ebay a little while back, and I was intrigued by it being a Matchbox release, the listing told me it was made in 1976 and ended up picking this up for a few pounds.


The base tells me it was made in 1976 by Lesney Products Corp, based in Moonachie New Jersey USA, but made in Hong Kong.

I did some research but found little on these toys, it seems much of the Lesney products were registered in NJ including a range of toy dolls.

But these vehicles have remained a bit of a mystery.


It would of had ski’s on the roof and figures that went with it, the few pictures and little information I have found on the internet is below.

The first picture shows others in the range although as an old Ebay listing no details are available.


This picture however, shows my vehicle in different colours and complete with another larger vehicle, it looks like the smaller vehicle would fit in the back of the larger one, this picture also came from a selling website and listed as; Matchbox 1976 Lesney MAC Mobile Action Command Vehicle and still for sale at $103 if your interested Click Here


I bought my one with the sole intention of converting it for my ‘Survival Wars’ series I am working on, although as they seem to be hard to find and dare I say possibly rare, will I feel guilty converted it, no I doubt it.

Here is my one again with one of the Airfix Robogear drivers.


With a bit of adaption this could work well with my Robogear vehicles

This website shows the whole range from the Matchbox Lesney Mobile Action Command series, thanks to Mark Warden  for the link.

Matchbox Mobile Action Command 



Matchbox cement truck, No19

by Peter
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During the 1970′s many of the Matchbox range went hotrod, the trucks on the other hand remained faithful to British and US truck makers with a few exceptions.


The Matchbox cement truck from 1976 doesn’t resemble a known maker, although some will say it may be based on an International truck design.

This truck was produced from 1976 until 1981, always painted in red, although different drum colours were issued including black, the glass was green and again purple has been seen, the drum rotates and tips.

But wait a minute, haven’t we seen this casting before?

In 1973 Matchbox registered a design for the following years production run, called the Badger and was released in 1974, numbered 16 and was part of the Rolamatics range.


The Badger is a three-axled radar or communications truck, sporting a radar/communications dish on its roof, as it moved the radar would turn.

Two colours were produced, Olive green in 1974 and metallic copper in 1976 and was removed from the range in 1978.

It is obvious Matchbox re-used the idea of the Badger casting for the cement mixer changing the back part of the casting and removing the winch from the front bumper.

As for a real vehicle, many years later in 2002 the military produced a vehicle called the Badger Cougar, but at the time, in the mid 70′s, not much like the Matchbox Badger existed, Matchbox forsight or designer imagination? there is a resemblance.


For more on the real  Badger Cougar, Click Here