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Lone Star show at Whitewebbs museum 2018

Where did the last year go? September 2018 and another exhibition in Enfield for Lone star

As always my small collection was on display.


A few new additions since last year along with the electric rotating turntable in the centre of the picture below, ran all day without issues.


The space commanders, construction and farm section is much the same as last year.


Great show again although did notice a lack of Treblo electric Lone star train layouts, so during the day I decided to build one for next year, to that end I bought my first lot of track and rolling stock for Lone Star Treblo electric.


This project will be quite secretive as I want the unveiling next September and I know certain people may otherwise see what I’m up to before then, although some updates will be posted.


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The word diorama actually means ‘to catch a moment in time’ a bit like a photogragh, they can be well planned built scenery like the picture below or simple creative back scenes.

The idea is to capture the atmosphere of a moment, whether it’s model cars in a garage scene or army figures in the battlefield.

To make something like this or to see how it’s made Click here to see the whole article.

Or go to Diorama #1, Part 1

Taking pictures of diecast models

by Peter
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Collecting diecast cars and trucks in any scale is a passion of mine, but taking pictures of them is the ultimate way of displaying them and what better way of doing so than setting the scene as maybe the real vehicle would find itself in.

To see the complete article Click Here or go to pages.

Slot car display

by Peter
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Latest news

As some of the readers here know, one of the things I do is make display bases and plinths as well and base boards for dioramas etc, and have sold many of the solid oak display bases

There is now a new product, so new it’s not even on the website yet and so pleased with the result.

This is a display base for Scalextric and other slot cars based on a piece of real Scalextric classic track and has a solid oak surround with an MDF core.

To our knowledge, we are the only workshop making these unique and original bases

The one below is the first one so isn’t yet coated with the satin finish or the green baize on the bottom.

Below shown with my own Scalextric Subaru in pride of place.

For more information on my bases contact me

At the moment these are special order only and details will be on the website soon :)