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Lone Star show at Whitewebbs museum 2018

Where did the last year go? September 2018 and another exhibition in Enfield for Lone star

As always my small collection was on display.


A few new additions since last year along with the electric rotating turntable in the centre of the picture below, ran all day without issues.


The space commanders, construction and farm section is much the same as last year.


Great show again although did notice a lack of Treblo electric Lone star train layouts, so during the day I decided to build one for next year, to that end I bought my first lot of track and rolling stock for Lone Star Treblo electric.


This project will be quite secretive as I want the unveiling next September and I know certain people may otherwise see what I’m up to before then, although some updates will be posted.

Diecast, LMS 7217 locomotive

by Peter
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The title to this article has no manufacturer’s name in it as to date I have no information on this diecast locomotive casting, I have tried my own research and been to various specialist websites and groups but no one really knows for sure, the most frequent comment has been it’s made by Budgie Toys, but as seen lower down this page, I have added pictures of the only known Budgie locomotive made.

This is the LMS loco 7217

Diecast locomotive1

Shown as a 0-6-0 tank locomotive of dubious heritage, in other words I have not found a real example, the nearest being Jinty as seen below in the Budgie casting.

Diecast locomotive2

A basic casting but I do like it and also the fact it seems quite rare and with no provenance adds to the mystery, if it is a casting of the well known Jinty 0-6-0 tank locomotive it’s a very naive version.

Diecast locomotive3

There are no markings to establish even a glimmer of heritage, so if you know more please get in touch.

Updated; further research has revealed this loco did exist, I have found the record of LMS 7217 found on Rail UK

In short it was renumbered 47217 and even better found a picture of it.


This confirms it should of looked like the Budgie casting, as I said in the main post, it’s a very naive version.

Shown below with the Budgie Jinty, the Budgie number belongs to a completey different loco, so guess Budgie Toys just made it up.

Diecast locomotive4

Diecast locomotive5

For more on the Budgie Jinty Click Here


Moko diecast locomotive

by Peter
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Ok, I’m stumped, it’s not often I can’t find out the origins of a particular model but this one has stumped me.

This little locomotive came my way recently and is marked on the sides ‘Moko’ now what I do know is that Moko acted as the distributor for Lesney products who later became better known as Matchbox toys.

Who actually made this diecasting is unknown, according to the in their words this is listed as “some toys distributed by Moko from different manufacturers possibly including Lesney” so still it seems no one really knows for sure.

What research I have done shows this to be a very rare find although I paid very little for it on Ebay and have already been offered far in excess of what I paid for it, I of course declined.

The markings are inside and states ‘MOKO’ and ‘Made in England’

For more information on Moko check out this website page it also shows a picture of the locomotive along with an open wagon.

The real locomotive

Based on what looks like the GWR Class 1101 0-4-0 Tank locomotive

The GWR 1101 Class was a class of 0-4-0T side tank steam locomotives built by the Avonside Engine Company to the order of the Great Western Railway in 1926 for dock shunting. They passed into British Railways ownership in 1948 and were numbered 1101–1106. All were withdrawn in 1959–1960 and none are preserved.

The number on the Moko diecast version is then obviously just made up as the casting shows 2571

Budgie 0-6-0 Locomotive

by Peter
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Most of the diecast cars and trucks I had as a kid, I now have I can still remember the basket they were kept in and even after forty odd years still have a clear image of what there was, one has eluded me mainly because I didn’t know the make it was  and while doing some research on Budgie diecast came across this on Ebay, my first thoughts was, “there it is” it was the Budgie tank loco in red just as I remember it, I just had to bid for it and got it for 99p.


This little loco is the Budgie N0224 and is the older version because the  name and number are cast on the sides, this later became decals, it is also 00 gauge and fits nicely on Hornby track.


The number on the sides, 7118 belongs to a larger 2-4-2 LNER Class F3 not to a Class 3F 0-6-0 as the casting suggests.

This could of been a research mess up at Budgie Toys, the casting designer could of asked someone to find a number for a 3F and by the time they found the reference books, got confused and picked a number for a F3, unfortunately we will never know for sure.

It did come in four colours and the picture below shows these, as well as red it came in green, bronze and black, I found the picture below on Vectis and these four in mint condition and boxed went for £60.00, I must admit if I had known I would of been bidding myself.

The boxes of the green and black one are the wrong way round as the earlier model is the green one with cast name and numbers, the box which goes with it is under the later black one.

The lettering on the earlier one was, I believe to be gold on the red version but the green one shows it to be silver, there is not much information on these so not absolutely sure what it should be.

As always if anyone knows better please contact me.

I’ve also had a number of these as Triang and Hornby loco’s in black and still have some in my own collection.


The real locomotive was known as ‘Jinty’ which is what I know it as but is actually a Fowler Class 3F 0-6-0 tank loco

For more on the real locomotive Click Here