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Matchbox, ‘concept’ transporters

Today we look at some of the ‘concept’ vehicles created by Matchbox in the way of trucks and transporters, not that long back I did an article on the futuristic Matchbox Adventure 2000 series which now leads to possible concepts.

I don’t know if Matchbox actually modelled these on real vehicles or inspired by them, but during the 70′s many way out designs emerged from Matchbox as well as others.

These are the later King Size models with Superfast wheels and named Super Kings.

The first vehicle is the Matchbox racing car transporter, Number K7 and released in 1972

There were two casting variations to this one, mine below is the earlier one, the later one had the side glass bar on the cab removed.

It takes a single racing car and has great body lines that would still look good if released today as a transporter, the gull wing doors on the living/workshop space is great too.

My one has been paired with a formula 1 race car from Corgi Juniors

This cab design was used for the Matchbox Tractor transporter No K21

The second Transporter has also been used more than once, this one being the Matchbox Pickup Truck K6 and supplied with a Honda motorbike known as the Matchbox Hondarora No18 from the 1-75 Superfast range both released in 1974

I have seen a version with an engine sticking out of the bonnet but not sure whether this is a later release or the first version.

This pickup was also released as a recovery truck and numbered K11, on both base plates they are known as ‘K6/11 pickup truck’ so was a common baseplate and body

You can find the article on the repair of this tow truck by Clicking Here

Concept trucks and pickups are not uncommon in the real world as the pictures below testify.