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News update, upcoming sale

After much thought I have decided to sell huge parts of my collections.

Almost all of it is kept in storage and not seen from one year to the next.

I have far to much and rather someone else has the benefit and enjoyment of my treasures.

This isn’t to say this website will stop, far from it, as I sort out stuff for sale new posts and pictures will be forthcoming.

Most of my sales will be on Ebay or through my groups and page on Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user you can subscribe/like my selling page at for updates on what is up for sale, be the first to see some exciting items.

Or go directly to Ebay and keep a regular eye out at

Be quick though as some of it is selling quickly already

Exclusive on the next Eaglemoss partworks

by Peter
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We are lucky enough to have been given an insight as to what, Eaglemoss Publications, well known for their partworks series of diecast models are doing next and you could be the first to find out below, but first……

How would YOU like to win a subscription to one of the Eaglemoss Publications partworks series, you would, well your in luck we have teamed up with Eaglemoss Publications to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a free partworks subscription of your choice all you have to do is complete the short survey below for Eaglemoss to let them know, as diecast model collectors, what you would like to see them produce next.

As a thank you to the readers, you will be entered into a draw to win a free subscription to the Military Vehicle collection or another Eaglemoss partwork of your choice: all you need to do to enter is state that they heard about the survey from Essex Models and Miniatures in the survey box provided on the last page and one will win the prize.

Just click on the link to get started

Eaglemoss publications Survey via Essex Models and Miniatures


The exclusive pictures from Eaglemoss publications next series is  a Military Vehicle Die-Cast
Collection in 1:43 scale, one I will definitely be looking out for, here are a few pre-issue pictures.





Remember these can be yours for free if your enter the draw for doing the Eaglemoss publications survey

Just click on the link to get started

Eaglemoss publications Survey via Essex Models and Miniatures

Updated September 30th 2013, this series has now available to start collecting, see for details, this is at present an online offer only

Updated October 23rd  2013, see our lastest article on these models and our review of the brilliant collection Eaglemoss-military-vehicles-collection-review


Matchbox celebrate their 60th birthday

by Peter
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Production line: Matchbox toys at the Lesney factory in 1966

Their little metal toys have engrossed children at play and obsessed adult collectors. Now Matchbox, masters of the die-cast model car, is celebrating its 60th birthday.

To commemorate the anniversary, the London-born company has released a new collection of 24 vehicles and a series of  images spanning its history.

The first model was designed in 1952 by self-trained engineer Jack Odell for his daughter to take to school. As it only allowed children to bring in toys that could fit inside a matchbox, he crafted a scaled-down steamroller that did. His daughter’s classmates were soon clamouring for their own “‘matchbox car”.

Odell and partners Leslie and Rodney Smith formed Lesney products and set up in a former pub, The Rifleman in Edmonton, north London. In 1953 the first series of models was produced for sale. Their first major sales success was the million-selling Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Coach.

Since then more than three billion Matchbox miniature die-cast vehicles have been produced

The biggest seller is the Model A Ford miniature scale, and the most expensive a 50th-anniversary Seagrave Meanstick, made of 18-carat gold encrusted with 24 rubies, four golden sapphires and six diamonds. It sold for £17,500.

Mr Odell retired in 1973 but returned in 1981 when Lesney ran into financial problems. The company was declared insolvent in 1982 and sold to Universal Toys. It was later taken over by Tyco and is now owned by American giant Mattel. Mr Odell died in 2007 at the age of 87.

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Since 1953 the Matchbox company has produced 12,000 different types of vehicle. It is estimated that if every single toy made was put bumper to bumper, the traffic jam would stretch around the equator six times.