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News update, upcoming sale

After much thought I have decided to sell huge parts of my collections.

Almost all of it is kept in storage and not seen from one year to the next.

I have far to much and rather someone else has the benefit and enjoyment of my treasures.

This isn’t to say this website will stop, far from it, as I sort out stuff for sale new posts and pictures will be forthcoming.

Most of my sales will be on Ebay or through my groups and page on Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user you can subscribe/like my selling page at for updates on what is up for sale, be the first to see some exciting items.

Or go directly to Ebay and keep a regular eye out at

Be quick though as some of it is selling quickly already

Marx Smash Martian

by Peter
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TV adverts have been with us as long as TV itself and many icons have stayed with us, the Smash martian will be remembered by many from the 1970′s.

Smash Martian 1

Mr. Smash is all plastic with clockwork motor and removable antennae. It hobbles slightly as it moves forward. Simultaneously the arms move back in forth in opposite directions while the upper head and mouth move up and down. The little brown object held in Mr. Smash’s right claw is actually a plastic potato! Best of all it works great!

Mr. Smash was actually a commercial advertising figure used to promote the sale of Cadbury’s Smash# brand of instant mashed potatoes. The “For Mash get Smash” sticker logo on the robot’s chest refers to the potato product. It became a well known European phrase in the early to mid-1970′s. The commercial shows a family of Martians marvelling at the curious potato eating habits of “primitive” Earthlings. It was such a big hit that Cadbury’s contracted the Marx company to produce a plastic robot toy based on the commercial.

Smash Martian 2

More on Marx Toys

Triang Hi-Way pressed steel truck

by Peter
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In 1966 a new Tri-ang range of pressed steel vehicles which was the Hi-Way series and branded as ‘modern trucks for modern children’ was produced.

One I have is the tipper and pre-dates 1969 as the wheel centres changed in 1969 to a moulded centre rather than the flat disc.


Wheel type after 1969

triang wheel type 2

This Triang tipper  has been lightly restored, rather than re-painted, I have taken it apart a good clean including the glass and put back together, I think it looks better this way.


On the subject of glass, there are two types, the one above is a rigid  clear plastic and quite hard, the glass unit has the screen and back window attached by the top only an can crack easy, the second type had side pieces that can be seen through the side windows as seen below.

This type is a softer plastic and distorts over time as can also be seen in the picture close up.

triang windows

My second Truck would of had coloured wooden bricks in the back, again pre 1969.

Triang HiWay 4

Triang HiWay 5


Many collectors don’t like this later toy, although I like them as they stem from my era.

This series would continue through to the end of Tri-ang in 1973.


I have recently acquired a third truck for the collection, this is made after 1969 as it has the moulded plastic wheels.

Although unusual to get in such a good condition this one may have the body repainted to preserve it.


The top panel, I assume is missing so will form one from 3mm Perspex.


The operating back door needed a bit of easing to open and close due to rust and the inner floor will need treating if not re-painting.

Other than that it’s a nice find.


Tonka, Pepsi bottle truck

by Peter
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When you mention the words Tonka Toys to almost anyone, the image of big yellow metal trucks falling from cliffs and quietly rusting away in the back yard comes to just about all of us, but there was far more to Tonka toys over the years but still to this day the big yellow truck is synonymous to Tonka.

From the late 1970′s comes this Pepsi bottle truck complete with it’s bottle crates.

Scales at about 1:24.


The pictures below shows this truck with the Buddy L Coca Cola version of the same scale.



To see more on the Buddy L Coca Cola truck Click Here