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Nylint, Spirit of the Road, Express

by Peter
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I picked this up as incomplete at  a local boot sale in Essex, I did think twice as it is huge, when the seller said I could have it for £5.00, how could I say no.


This is a pressed steel truck from the States and measures 21 inches long so a big scaled truck


The big square holes in the top, I thought, was something missing, but in fact it came like that, what is actually missing is the chromed air horns from the cab roof and the exhaust stacks from the rear of the cab.

Here is a picture of one I found boxed while researching this brand, as you can see the holes in the cab and trailer roof are not filled.



Pressed steel toys by the Ny-lint (later Nylint) Tool and Manufacturing Company of Rockford,
Illinois are consider by many as among the best American toys ever manufactured. Their line
included literally hundreds of models of construction equipment, trucks, and cars.

Especially during the 1950’s and 60’s, Nylint toys were often faithful replicas of real pieces of
machinery and automobiles made by leading US manufacturers. In fact, many people are of the
opinion that Nylint’s toy Ford Econolines and their F-Series Ford trucks were actually better
than their real-life counterparts!

Text on Nylint from For more on this brand see

The real trucks

Based on the 1970′s Ford CL-9000 cabover