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Product test; Trix HO locomotive wheel cleaner

by Peter
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One of the biggest problems with operational model railways is keeping the track and locomotives clean and running smoothly, to this end I have acquired this Trix locomotive wheel cleaner to test.


Although classed as HO gauge this works just as well with OO gauge as well as narrow gauges based on 16.5 mm track.

The unit is simple and self contained and literally just sits on the track.


The unit has also dovetails either end to join more than on together for longer drive trains.

On test I used a small loco known to be a problem with dirty wheels and just touched is on the brushes the loco sparked into life and run it for about 30 seconds, trying it on the test track it ran well, a further 30 seconds and it ran like new.


At a cost of about £21 depending where you are this is more than worth it, I have since done many older loco’s with dirty wheels some a lot worse than this little example, all in all a good solid usable tool and come highly recommended by us.

To buy one of these click on the link below and for £20.95 post free.

Trix HO Locomotive Wheel Cleaning Brush # 66602