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Remote control helicopter

by Peter
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I’ve flown a real plane and have flying time, but my fascination with helicopters is still as strong as ever, I have never yet been in one but intend to one day.

I have used helicopter simulators and games on the PC and Xbox and learnt how to fly them but there is nothing like a real flying model of one.

Todays article is on one of the cheaper remote control battery powered helicopters and my inital fly training with it.

This is the Volitation 9053 helicopter and got mine from Howes Models via Ebay although you can buy direct.

Helicopter specification

Main rotor, 535mm

Fuselage length, 665mm

Powerpack, 7.4v Li-ion batteries.

Eight AA type batteries required for controller.

The controller is a nice size and as I have found out the trimmer controls need to be right before the helicopter will fly as you want it, there are instructions and guide lines for using it, but are a bit sketchy when it comes to the trimmer controls and really you are left to experimenting with them.

The helicopter really must have a flat surface to take off from as I tried direct from the grass and failed every time.

I was very careful not to just jump in and go mad, and learnt the controls by hovering and turning on the spot, landing back on the board took some doing without crashing but persevered until I got it right.

Charging takes 3 hours and for that you get about 10 to 15 minutes flying time which is not unusual for this sort of craft.

I didn’t get it right all the time and ended up on the grass more times than in the air to start with.

Once I had mastered the controls it becomes a lot easier to keep in the air and control.

Once I felt confident with it, I went a lot higher  and further.

All in all it’s great fun, and yes there are a few battle scars already where I dropped the throttle too quick and landed it in bushes and brambles but will last due to the nature of the build, it comes with a full list of parts available for it so you break anything it can be replaced.

This one was a fraction under £45.00 and worth every penny, this is a reduced price from nearly £80.00 at Howes Models, I have seen pro models of this one anything up to £250.00 so this is a good introduction to helicopters without paying a lot of money.