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Daleks, Eaglemoss, Dr Who figurine collection

by Peter
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In the words of Monty Python. “And now for something completely different”.

The Daleks are coming to a store near you, well, unless your near a certain WH Smith’s Store in Essex then don’t bother because I bought them all!


Although I have done a separate page for figures, I have done this special feature on Daleks, mainly because I’m a bit of a Dalek nut.

These are from the Eaglemoss Dr Who figurine collection now on it’s sixth issue, others I have you can find Here.

These are resin cast and hand painted and scale at 1:21 and as I have mentioned before an unusual scale but the fact all the figurine are to the same scale make them quite unique.


I have had other Dalek models over the years, some bigger and some smaller but these are pretty good although lack any moving features, also are good value at £6.99 each against what some Daleks go for.

These are subject to a future diorama yet to be built and this background is a temporary setup for these pictures.


You can see more of the figures by clicking on the main page Here or go to the Eaglemoss publications, Dr Who figurines collection website on the link below.

For everything you ever wanted to know about Daleks  Click Here