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The best model shop in Essex so far

by Peter
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Found a new model shop within 20 minutes from home and sell just about everything you need, so went armed with a long list of paints, brushes, Plasticard and balsa that I have been meaning to re-stock for ages and couldn’t get locally, they had everything I wanted and very helpful as well, so if your in or near Chelmsford Essex call in to John Dutfield models and comes highly recommended by us.

On top of that they had lots of secondhand stock as well and came away with this little Hornby shunter from the 60′s

I have been trying to track down one of these for nearly 10 years as it was my first ever loco I bought as a kid and sold it a few years later.

The Hornby number of this Loco is R559 and just called 0-4-0 Diesel shunter and was released from 1963 to 1967, I do know the last of them had glass in the windows whether this just the later years I’m not certain, my first one did when I bought it in the 70′s.

It would of been a Triang Hornby model back then and is based on a NBL 200bhp 0-4-0 shunter, North British design.

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