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Lone Star Roadmasters series

by Peter
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Although I have done an article on Roadmasters before, since then many new trucks have been added to the collection.

The article is prompted by the addition of a very rare find,.

Lone Star RM10, Rocket fuel tanker.

Lone Star rocket fuel tanker 1

Released in 1962, as a completely new model road vehicle series by Lone Star.

Lone Star rocket fuel tanker 2

The cab style was already in use for the modern army series from 1957 and obviously adapted for these artic trucks.

Although the trailer casting went on until 1976 as various tanker liveries the cab unit was replaced with another type in 1969 and became 1281 milk tanker and 1291 Esso petrol tanker seen with RM10 below.


Also the milk tanker 1281 below with 1284, LS transport Co

lonestar austintrucks 3

An interesting article by the RM10 Rocket fuel tankers previous owner Ewan can be found here

Also recently acquired is 1285, ‘Inter-City Express Co’ with box trailer.

Lone Star inter-city 1

Produced between 1969 and 1972.

Lone Star inter-city 2

Number 1285 became the open bulk carrier in 1973 until around 1976 when the range was discontinued.

Lone Star Bulk carrier

The timber carrier below with what is believed the original wood load

Lone star roadmasters timber truck

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The real trucks

I actually have no real truck information on these ones other than it’s an Austin, possibly a ‘Loadstar’ and produced back in 1957, it did continue for quite some years into the 1960′s, if you know more about these trucks then please contact me.


Lone Star Treble O, trackside vehicles

by Peter
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These are part of the Lone Star diecast railway system known as Treble O, they are tiny with a scale of 1:160 or what better known in model railway terms as N gauge.

I picked these two cars up on Sunday at the Lone Star exhibition at Whitewebbs museum in Enfield Essex, I already had a few of the tiny Austin trucks but wasn’t even aware of the cars.


Obviously one is a Land Rover truck, the other a Citroen, I believe these were the only two types made.

As a size comparison, here they are against a standard Matchbox car from the same period.


The two Austin trucks I have have been badly hand painted and may have to be stripped and restored, the only other vehicles I know of from Lone Star in this scale is a single decker bus, and an Austin truck with a boxed trailer, all the wheels have axles as any other diecast car but on a tiny scale and they do turn, amazing engineering on such a small scale.


Although I have no intention of collection the Lone Star treble O railway series these are after all diecast vehicles and as such deserve a place in my collection.

Base Toys, Leyland FG, Commer Karrier

by Peter
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Base Toys have been around a while now and have been released by a company in Hong Kong mainly aimed at the model railway collectors, finding out anything about the company however has proved almost impossible.
Base Toys are now known as BT Models according to many websites but little else is known.

This first model is the Leyland FG and I found it at a boot sale for a few pounds and really impressed with the detail, these certainly give the likes of Oxford Diecast and Corgi Trackside models a run for their money and generally seem to be trucks and cars other makers have neglected to produce.

I have no number or dates for this model but is believed to be an obsolete version although other Leyland FG models are still in the current line up, these are all 1:76 scale.

To try and find out more about the maker, I bought a new boxed Commer Karrier and again really pleased with it, the detail has improved on this later issue model and has tiny wing mirrors fitted and has glass headlights rather than painted on.


I do however have a number for this one and is D-95, the box tells me little else other than made in Hong Kong, they are around about the same cost as Oxford Diecast.


Overall though good quality models in 1:76 scale and a great addition to any model railway layout or diecast collection.

So Base Toys, whoever you are, if you have a website let me know and I will link to it!

The real trucks

Leyland FG

As well as the well known cars Austin also made commercial vehicles, one of which was the FG, previously the Morris FG. The FG was the workhorse that kept Britain running in the 1960s. These Austin FGs and later the Leyland FGs all had petrol or diesel longstroke engines, producing good torque, but very little in the way of speed (40 mph was a good speed out of these vehicles).

The Morris FG (and its Austin S200 sibling) went into production in 1960, differing only in badges and grilles. Their unique cab design tapered towards the rear and had rear-hinged doors which could be opened without projecting beyond the vehicle sides. Below the windscreen corner glass panels helped drivers to park in confined spaces. The FG was designed from weights of 30cwt up to 5-tonnes, and replaced models from both FE and LC ranges.

Commer Karrier


Commer was a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles which existed from 1905 until 1979.

In 1926, after being in receivership several times, Commer was taken over by Humber, which in 1931 became part of the Rootes Group.

The Commer name was replaced by the Dodge name during the 1970s following the takeover of Rootes by Chrysler Europe. After Peugeot purchased Chrysler Europe in 1978, the Commer factory was run in partnership with the truck division of Renault, Renault Trucks. It continued to produce the Dodge commercial truck range for some time, with Renault badges and a small amount of product development, eventually these were cancelled in favour of mainstream Renault models and switching production at the factory to production of Renault truck and bus engines in the early 1990s.

Commer acquired the Karrier company as part of Rootes acquisition of Karrier in 1934. In the early 1960s production moved to Dunstable where Commer, Dodge (UK) and Karrier were all brought together.

The Karrier trademark is now owned by Peugeot.

Text from Wikipedia

Lone Star, Austin trucks

by Peter
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Lone Star did a huge range of diecast vehicles over the years, some of the more modern one’s I have posted here before, the one’s shown in this article are larger castings and far more simplistic but that is the attraction to me, they measure in at 8 3/4 inches (220mm) so sit well with my Matchbox Kingsize trucks.

The first picture is of the Lone Star Austin Low Loader, number 1294, these were issued in 1976 under the name of RoadMaster Majors and came in various liveries and trailer types, what I am not sure of is whether these were a re-issue as they are based on a 1957 Austin and most makers worked with current vehicles.

These are heavy duty toys and have lasted as was intended, and, in my opinion are great looking trucks too.

Two more below, the Milk Truck, No 1281 and the Flat Sided Truck No 1284

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The real truck

I actually have no real truck information on this one other than it’s an Austin, possibly a ‘Loadstar’ and produced back in 1957, it did continue for quite some years into the 1960′s, if you know more about these trucks then please contact me.

The Austin Motor Co produced Lorries from 1910 to 1968 at Birmingham.

An original sales leaflet for the Austin series.