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Lledo Berliet GLR truck

by Peter
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The actual casting is Lledo but these have been re-branded as Corgi and no doubt meant for sale in Europe going by the decals, Berliet is a French made truck and this one is based on a 1950′s / 1960′s GLR chassis.

Scale wise, well, it fits well with a known 1:72 scale car so would guess it is meant to be around 1:72/ 1:76.

The box body looks a bit oversize but I would think this would of been to fit the promotional logo’s this vehicle was no doubt intended for.

I have bought a batch of 6 of these Lledo Berliet trucks and intend using them as code 3 projects, in most cases losing the box body.

The real truck

The Berliet GLR truck became the first new post-war product.

Presented by Berliet in October 1949 and produced until 1977.

In 1917, Berliet started to build trucks for the French Army. The company produced 40 trucks a day. Passenger car production ceased in 1939 and after World War II, the company produced trucks only.

In 1967, Berliet was taken over by Citroen.

By this time, Michelin owned both Citroen and Berliet. However, after the 1973 oil crisis, Michelin decided to divest itself of these two companies in order to concentrate on its tyre business. Thus, in 1974 Berliet was sold to Renault. Eventually the Berliet name was phased out and another French marque came to an end.