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Matchbox, Dodge with Fruehauf Tipper

by Peter
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This is another one I had as a kid, the Matchbox Kingsize K16 Dodge tipper, its proper listed name is, Dodge Tractor Unit with Twin Tipping Trailers.

Fruehauf is the name of the trailer manufacturer and to this day can still be seen on the roads behind Scania’s and other tractor units.

Released in 1965, this unit ran into the Superfast era and became one of the SuperKings, with a change of colour from green to yellow and the tipper bodies, from yellow to blue.

The real trucks

LCF trucks were available in a variety of configurations, both gasoline and diesel. Medium duty trucks covered C-500 through C-700 trucks, while heavy duty was reserved to desiginate C-900 and C-1000 trucks. These trucks all used the `56-`60 Dodge pickup cab and were fitted with a set of special front body panels. All LCF trucks were mounted on straight frames and featured swing out front panels along with the flip ip hood for total engine accessibility. The mechanic could actually stand in between the frame and front wheel to service and maintain these trucks.

These trucks were first built in `60, replacing cab-over “Forward Look” bodied trucks from the late fifties. Dual headlights set these earlier trucks apart from trucks built after `67, when the single headlight system was adopted with the familiar aluminum trim rings seen on A-100′s and Sweptline Era Trucks from `65-`67.

For more information on these and other Dodge trucks Click Here

Matchbox Jungle Crawler

by Peter
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This article is back to the later Matchbox range, 2010 in fact, and I saw these as a great addition to my 4×4 section.

Released in 2009 in army green, these shown here are 2010 issues in beige and grey

The earlier matchbox were easy to keep track of as they were numbered from 1 to 75 and that number remained with these later models the number seems to change, these one’s shown are given the number MB97, but earlier 2009 and some 2010 issues were MB78.

Produced with heightened chassis and open engine covers, this is based on a Dodge WC-53 carryall supplied to the Amercian army in 1941

The 3/4 ton series of Dodge WC trucks was introduced in late 1941, replacing the G505 1/2 ton trucks of the period 1939-1941. The WC-53 Carryall had an enclosed body with windows, intended for troop transport or light cargo duty. The WC53 was longer and heavier, with a 3/4 ton rating, but overall very similar to the WC-10 / WC-17 / WC-26 1/2 ton Dodge Carryall trucks.

The picture below is the Dodge WC11 half ton panel van version, this one in particular belongs to Nick Johns, Nick also tells me only 360 of this version were built so quite a rare one, for more our pictures of  military vehicles Click Here

Matchbox Dodge Commando

by Peter
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The Dodge Commando was released around 1982 and has been heavily used as a promotional vehicle and comes with many colour and sticker variations, this is one made in Macau to a scale of 1:77.

These are still plentiful in varying degrees of condition but still mint and boxed versions are easy to find and collect, this one I got for a project vehicle and may remove the body completely.

Model details

Dodge Commando 100

Scale, 1:77

No, MB72

Colour, Red/white body/black base

Year of release, 1982

Country of origin, Macau

The real truck,   the model is based on a Dodge Commando 100,  that ran from 1968 to well in to the early ’80s

For more on the real truck Click Here