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Budgie Toys, diecast AA traffic control

by Peter
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Budgie Toys started out as Morestone, the original name derived from “Morris” and “Stone” who started distributing  toys in the 1940s, despite the simplicity, some models and their liveries could be quite clever, and Morestone/Budgie’s forte seemed to be in selecting unique subjects not manufactured by other companies.

This includes this unique Seddon AA traffic control unit.

Budgie AA truck 1

Apparently there are two castings of this trailer, one with open windows on top of the trailer roof and one without, the Seddon cab has been used on other Budgie units.

Budgie AA truck 2

This is from the Budgie Jumbo range and measures 168mm long and numbered 218.

Produced from 1959 to about 1964, Budgie went out of business in 1966.

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The real trucks

Seddon Diesel Vehicles were, like Atkinson Lorries, ERF and Motor Traction Ltd (Rutland), a commercial vehicle producer who bought-in and assembled proprietary components. Robert and Herbert Seddon were sons of a Salford butcher who in 1919 subsequent to World War I demobilisation bought a Commer with charabanc and van bodies, using it during the week for goods transport and at weekends to run excursions from Salford. Initially a further partner was a family-friend, a dairyman by the name of Foster, so the business was initially a partnership. Foster & Seddon also reconditioned vehicles and ran a bus service from Swinton (Lancs.) to Salford, which was subsequently sold to Salford Corporation, and held an agency for Morris Motors vehicles. In 1937 Robert Seddon spotted a gap in the commercial vehicle market for low-tare diesel-engined lorries and commenced to build his own vehicle out of proprietary units, much of the drawing work being done on his own kitchen table.


In 1970, Seddon took over Atkinson Lorries to form Seddon Atkinson, in 1974 International Harvester bought Seddon Atkinson, later Pegaso took over the business until it in turn became part of Iveco, the last lorries under the Seddon Atkinson name were built in Oldham in 2004.

For more on Seddon see wikipedia

Real vehicle text from Wikipedia


EFE, Atkinson Mk1, car transporter

by Peter
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EFE started in 1989 making 1:76 scale trucks, mainly the AEC Mammoth Major truck with variations of body, EFE or their full name, Exclusive First Editions and are still going strong today in 2012.

Although EFE are probably better known for their 1:76 buses, I never seem to of bought any, then the other day this grabbed my attention so bought it.

This is the EFE Atkinson car transporter in 1:76 scale and according to their website my one was issued back in 1993 and numbered 13004, the decal set is ‘Classic Restorations’.

There were three other previous decals sets applied to this model starting in 1991 with ‘Transport Services Limited’.

I have a few 1:76 commercials,  ones made by Classix and fit nicely with the transporter but only just on the lower deck, maybe cars will fit better.

The Dinky Dublo’s in the background don’t fit on the lower deck at all and should also be OO scale but work out slightly bigger than the Classix range.

But that aside it makes a great addition to my transporters.

Just need some more 1:76 scale cars

The real truck

EFE marked the above truck as an Atkinson Mk1.

Originally a firm of steam-wagon repairers and manufacturers, founded in 1907 in Preston, Lancashire, England, Atkinson & Co. evolved into Seddon Atkinson Vehicles Ltd through a succession of mergers.

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