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Solido, Simca Unic S.U.M.B 4×4

by Peter
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This unusual find over Christmas is by French diecast maker Solido, and was once a popular 4×4 truck used by the French army, fire services and forestry service along with others.

This solido version had two numbers, one on the casting, 235 and this seems to be for the main truck and 359 on the snow plough retainer and is more likely this models number.

Simca Unic 1

Solido made many versions of this truck including fire service vehicles and army trucks, one even has snow chains on the tyres.

This model may or may not of come with a rear cover, but I have seen army trucks and others with a tarpaulin rear cover.

Simca Unic 2

For Solido history Click Here

The real truck

The Simca Unic Marmon Bocquet (SUMB) is a small  tacticial truck produced by Unic from October 1964 to 1973 . Powered by Simca and designed by Bocquet, it has a four-wheel drive Marmon-Herrington and semi-forward cabin.

The Simca Marmon (or MH 600 BS) is equipped with a V8 petrol engine.

6 976 units were ordered by the French army until 1969, the vehicle can carry 12 personnel plus the driver or 1500 kg of material.

Simca Unic 3

In 1971-72 a special series of less than 200 units was produced with a Poclain excavator for  engineering use.

Real truck text and picture from Wikipedia