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Thornycroft tractor with Tanker

by Peter
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The Matchbox Thornycroft 2400 gallon trailer Tanker was one of the earlier Lesney models and believed to of been release in 1960 Under the Major Pack series  No 8

The Major pack series were made between 1957 to 1967 and only ever went up to Major Pack 10 at any one time.

The King Size range took over after 1967 and ran from 1960 to 1971 which then became Superkings.

This one was released in 1960 and has the grey wheels, this later became the black wheels and is regarded as rare, this is my second upgrade for this model and although has paint chips is far better than the last one now sold, I have seen one’s of this grade go for £20.00 upwards and those in mint condition go for £60 plus, boxed one’s go for £100 plus.

Model details

Matchbox Lesney Thornycroft tractor & 2400 gallon trailer Tanker

No, Major Pack 8

Colour, red

Base, red

Wheels, grey

Year of release, 1960

Country of origin, UK

The real Lorry was likely to be based on one of the pictures below

But most ended up in the scrap yard and have found it hard to find a recent restored example.

The first Thornycroft ( named after John Isaac Thornycroft) motor vehicle was introduced in 1902, a commercial vehicle with a 4 ton load capacity. The firm gave up building cars in 1912 to concentrate, for the next half century, on building its successful commercial vehicles; a field in which Thornycroft became world-class and and a major employer in Basingstoke.

In 1948, the company name was changed to Transport Equipment (Thornycroft) Ltd to prevent confusion with the shipbuilding Thornycroft company.

They were taken over by AEC, by then Associated Commercial Vehicles Ltd and production was limited to the Nubians, Big Bens and Antars. ACV was then taken over by Leyland who already had a specialist vehicle unit in Scammell, another manufacturer of large haulage vehicles.

Thornycroft’s Basingstoke factory was closed in 1969 and specialist vehicles transferred to Scammell at Watford.