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Matchbox, Volvo refuse truck

by Peter
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Most of the time I tend to buy my diecast on Ebay or similar sites and visit boot sales and toy fairs and willing to pay a fair price for a good model.

But every now and again I get a good model for next to nothing to add to my growing collection, this one is no exception.

A  Matchbox model from 1979 and is a later Superfast version of  a Volvo refuse collector, there are a lot of colour variations at present, some of them are; Metallic red/Yellow plastic body, Light blue/Orange plastic body, all orange, and a rarer White with dark blue body, there is also a green one with yellow body, I’m sure there are many more but not aware of them yet.

By this time Matchbox were know as Matchbox toys Ltd and production was in China.

My one is the red version with silver plastic body, condition is pretty good with just a few paint chips and worthy to my collection, if a mint version comes up cheaply I may upgarde it,  I’m not bothered about the boxes or packing as mine are out on display.

Model details

Refuse Truck

No, 36

Scale, not known

Colour, Red/Silver

Base, black

Year of release, 1979

Country of origin, China

The real truck

The model is probably based on the Volvo FL6 or FL4.

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