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Husky/Corgi Martin Walter Ford Transit camper

by Peter
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Although a later Husky casting , this Martin Walter camper conversion of the Mk1 Ford Transit was continued into the Corgi Whizzwheels range, it’s original Husky number was 40 and fitted with the later metal wheels and tyres .

My one is a later Corgi Whizzwheels version and has the Whizzwheels fitted, the Husky version came in the blue above and also in yellow, pale green and red, and a light metallic blue has also been issued, the casting was produced around 1968.

The rear opening door was always a bare metal and usually missing on many models so harder to find one complete.

The real Camper

A Dormobile is a camper van modification by Martin Walter Ltd. Popular in the 1950s and 60s they are essentially a conversation of a car or van into a camper.

These modifications usually consist of a fiberglass roof which provides extra sleeping space and they often also have windows in them to let in light. Often the roof would be hinged at the side and a folded tent of fabric would expand into the space. As models got more sophisticated they were fitted with more separate sleeping compartments. Most vehicles also have a caravan style interior with seats fitted and cooking appliances.

The first Dormobiles were made from Bedford CA vans but they became so popular that they were applied to other makes and models of car and vans.

Although, the conversion was originally carried out by Martin Walter Ltd the word Dormobile has become a generic name for this type of conversion.

Some Dormobile experts claim that only a camper conversion carried out by Martin Walter Ltd can be classed as a true Dormobile and are easily spotted by the riveted metal ID plate fitted to the car. However, for others the name has become synonymous with camper conversions, much like hoover is now a generic term for vacuum cleaners, and to them the term can be applied to any vehicle which has been converted using parts from the Martin Walter Ltd factory. This was sometimes done with conversion kits from the firm which were exported to be fitted by other companies – these were especially popular in the USA.

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Matchbox, Camper Cruiser

by Peter
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Matchbox did a lot of smaller scale camper vans but not that many in the King Size or Super Kings range, This is No K27 and released in 1970 and has the Super Kings wheels.

Not sure whether this is based on a real vehicle or a fantasy of a Matchbox designer but an unusal camper all the same, complete with opening roof  and rear tailgate

The one below is a typical motorhome of the period, this is a 1976 GMC based vehicle